How To Make your Makeup Better with my Pro Tips

Are you bored with your makeup but not sure what to do? Here are a few SUPER SIMPLE techniques that can update your look, without a big investment!

1. Negative Space Apply a single colour of eyeshadow to your lids, and the outer + inner corners of he eye, leaving the centre of the eyelid bare. Apply the same shadow to the corners of your bottom lash line, again leaving the centre bare. Then blend a natural colour or translucent powder on the brow bone and over the space that is bare. This will make the eye look rounder and just add a spot of natural highlight to the look. Curl your lashes and do mascara as normal.

I used a cream to powder pigment ' Rituel de fille' Eye Soot in Serpent de Mer but it works with any good quality eyeshadow. I am really loving my Lily Lolo Palettes, but drugstore brand Sleek is a Budget-conscious favourite. The Colours are highly pigmented and cruelty free, though the shimmer can be a bit sparkly at times.

2.  Under Current:  Apply a light and even metallic shadow to the lid and use a soft crease contour. Then smudge a darker shade under the lash line for drama. I really blend the colour out for a really soft but dramatic effect. Lots of mascara looks great.  Both these looks are easily done with any colour, it is just a change of technique to give you a little 'umph'. I used my Lily Lolo palette.

For your Lips, you can try and 'Ombre' or 3D lip look. This look is a throwback to the 90's but is in  mega in style at the moment.

I have done 2 versions, one with a dark lipstick pictured above (I used Axiology Dimention) on the outside and a bright red lip balm (Maidenfern Blushing Balm), to fill the middle.

This look below is 90's Classic, MAC stone Pencil with Delilah cosmetics Farewell Concealer in Honey as a highlight in the middle, and blended out with a brush.

Happy Playing!


Photo by Claire Harrison