Small brands making a Difference

Do you know what I Love?

I love Underdog, a little guy, a small, a trend-waiting-to-happen, an off the beaten path, a try harder, a craftsman (woman).  I love someone who needs a push, a shove, a star, a voice and a beacon. I love all that.

And do you know what else I love?


So here are 2 little brands that I just LOVED working with and I wanted to tell you all about them so you too can share the love.

1. Amaella:

This Ethical Organic Lingerie Brand is based in Cambridge and creates beautiful, comfortable but elegant Organic Cotton Lingerie. Check out their website and you can pre-order via their crowdfunding campaign on The Up Effect Not only do they use organic cotton, but they produce ethically and sustainably in Europe, ensure their workforce is treated respectfully and fairly.

This video will tell you everything you need to know, and you may even catch some glimpses of yours truly! Photography by Simon Wiseby , Model Lilia @ Nevs. Go support them now!

2. Purl Alpaca Designs:

A knitter myself, I was excited when I was asked to work on the Terrarium Collection  for Pure Alpaca Designs, who have their own herd of Alpaca here in the UK, and their wool is spun and dyed locally.  Once the Wooready, Hand Knit designer Kari-Helene creates a collection that is sold via their website, either as Kits for home knitters or Finished Hand knitted pieces.  You of course can buy the yarn or patterns separately.

This year marked a move in a new direction and I was so pleased to be a part of the team that included my friend and Talented Photographer Tiffany Mumford and we shot at fabulous Clapton Tram in Hackney.

They have many kits and patterns for all levels. This lovely company works in small batches, and everything about them is lovely and loving, a wonderful gift idea for upcoming Holiday Season!

I promise to continue sharing niche ideas and brands with you so you can find special little gems to make your life special.