New Brand Alert: Kewekō Organic Skincare

As I have said before, I love a small niche brand and I love natural and Organic Skincare, so I was thrilled to be invited to the launch of Kewekö, a small indie organic Skincare brand. I have asked founder Kerstin Weller to tell us more about her Journey and the products she created.

About the Founder

Kerstin is a Makeup Artist from Germany working in the film Industry here in The UK. In 2012, while working in Namibia , she was inspired to create a natural skincare product that was high quality but also beautiful both in the bathroom and at a make up station.

Kerstin began to develop her ideas and took a skincare making course upon her return to the UK. From then, it has taken 4 years of planning, researching and testing to find a lab, choose / collect & source ingredients, as well as design the packaging, which was central to the ethos of the Kawekō brand.  ' I was lucky enough to have an extremely talented graphic designer as my friend, Denise Amann, who did an amazing job creating the beautiful logo and design of the labels etc.' (-Kerstin Weller)

The name Kewekō arose from a combination of Kerstin's and her Parents' names.

About the Keweko Skincare Range 

The unisex range was developed for anyone interested in Natural Skincare, but especially those with sensitive skin. 'Key ingredients are lavender oil, citrus oil, aloe Vera. They are all calming oils and are quite good on sensitive skin. We developed this so we can use it on actors at the end of a long shoot day when the skin is distressed and tired and needs soothing.' Indeed the ingredients may not only be soothing to the skin but the mind as well as this report by the University of Maryland Medical Center confirms: 'Studies also suggest that massage with essential oils, particularly lavender, may result in improved sleep quality, more stable mood, better concentration, and reduced anxiety.'  While Dr. Axe, a natural health specialist extolls the virtues of Lemon Oil for skin health here.

Kerstin sees the brand growing to variety of products for different skin types, and the dream is to open a stand alone Shop.

Kerstin's skincare tip: 'It's not a secret but is just the most important thing: Always cleanse your skin!'

My Keweko Review

I have tried the products a really love the light and beautiful scent. I don't always use a toner for myself but really enjoyed the light refreshing feel and the fine mist. The cleanser is a milk that felt lovely and rich and removed makeup well when I wiped my face with a warm wet cloth. The moisturiser is a lovely cream that seems rich and light at the same time. It absorbed quickly and sat nicely u der makeup, but i also tried it at night and my face did not feel tight or dry in the morning, despite the heat being on. Overall, my initial impression is it is a simple and straight skincare line, that is comfortable and pleasant to use, and seems to work well. It looks luxurious and has luxurious ingredients, but I find the price point very accessible.

The glass packaging is recyclable and all products are COSMOS certified (EU standard of Organic Certification. A pretty Big deal if you ask me!)

The 3 products work really well together as a beauty regime in the morning or evening but can also be used separately. Currently the products can be purchased from the Kewekö Website

I think the prices are very fair: Cleanser £29, Toner £27 and Moisturiser £42

Let me know what you think!


photos: Stefan Milev