Youthful Makeup Tricks

My Philosphy on Anti-Ageing and Youthful Ageing

IRREFUTABLE FACT: We are ageing.

Yes, We all are.

PERSONAL FACT: I don't believe in Anti-Ageing.

We are living longer, so we will be spending more of our lives gently getting older, SO frankly: What is wrong with that?!

It's still happening, whether you fight it or not! Whether you opt to do so gracefully or naturally, the process and the facts are the same: Lines will appear, muscle and bone density will wane, and we are all A-G-E-I-N-G . You dont have to like it, but you have to accept it.

What do I do about my ageing skin?

So what are we going to do about it?

One of my Bosom Buddies, Adrienne (Major Awesome Powerhouse Woman) asked me for some tips on what makeup she could use to give Father Time a knock in the teeth. Therefore, besides all the usual nutrition, lifestyle and skincare advice,  I thought I would give you my Pro Makeup tips for a bright and youthful appearance.

Makeup Tips to Help you look Younger

1. Loose the Downward Lines:  Using concealer (the one you use to brighten around your eyes is fine) or Foundation, literally 'erase' the fold around your nose and the little line on the outside of your eye where the skin folds. I love Vapour cosmetic Stick Foundations for well, ... everything! I also love Cruelty Free Brands Hourglass and Becca for their Foundation/Concealer Products. For a lighter consistency, try Ilia Concealer or RMS Beauty Uncover.

Method: If using a liquid foundation: After base, use a stick foundation or concealer and a brush to dot the product over the area around your nose and on the outer corner of the eye. Use the same colour to highlight the tops of your cheeks to give lift to the cheekbones. I also find that cleaning up the lip line around the mouth really helps lift the overall finish.. Here is a short low quality video to isllustrate what I mean.

2. Layer Your Blush: Dot a cream blush on the apples of the cheeks in a bright pink, red or apricot colour and blend out. Then apply your preferred blush colour as normal. Firstly, it makes your blush last longer and most of us are too busy to redo our makeup in the daytime. Secondly, those brighter colours blended away in to the skin give a really fresh look like when our blood circulation was at its finest. Try PÜR Cheeks Cream Blush or Inika Cream Pigment in Rosehip For a quick and easy solution, you can also use a lipstick in an appropriate colour. I do it all the time, I have Used Ilia and Bite Beauty in the Video below.

3. Distract!: FACT:  A bright lip distracts from a tired eye, so if you are feeling tired, Get Bold with those pinks Reds and Purples! Yup, you heard me, Purple! (Who is gonna look at your dark circles with violet lips! )  If fine lines around your lips are a problem, try filling around the edges or priming your lips with with clear pencils like Bite Beauty Line and Define (SEPHORA do deliver to the UK), Daniel Sandler Magic Wand and opt for highly pigmented but but waxier Lip formulas like Absolution Cosmetics Sweet and Safe Kiss ( Love this brand), Burts Bees Lip Crayon or Bite Beauty Multisticks

Besisdes that, use good skincare eat healthy fats, dont jog too much or get too thin, and you should be fine...

Photo by Jay Prakhania , Model Olwen Keeley, Makeup By Me