My Helpful Tips for perfect Red Lips

My Lovely Friend Karen from N4MUMMY recently asked me about doing red lips, and it is certainly a question that comes up a lot. With the festive season upon us I thought I would oblige.

If you are feeling a bit uncertain about which shade to choose, check out my post about red lips over on LADYLAND . But here are a few short videos with different types of Red Lipstick and how best to apply them for different effects.

1. Red Lip Balm: A great option for a light Red finish, a more natural look, with a pop of colour. Here I am using Burts Bees Cherry Lip Shine.

2. Red Lipstick / Chubby Stick / Crayon : A traditional, proper grown up sophisticated finish, watch how I twist the tip inwards at the end to do the bottom lip. If you are worried about the colour going into your fine lines, watch how I use a clear pencil to line th outside of the lip. In this Video I use Burts Bees Lip Crayon In Napa Vineyard. It is my Current Favourite Red.

3. Lip Brush: If you are using a palette or are using a pot ( or scraping the bottom of a discontinued colour) you will need a lip Brush. Here I useSuper Pomegranate Oil 100% Pure Lipcolour in Dahlia ( I say Delilah by accident in the video, and use lip brushes LY 09 by Louise Young and My Kit Co 3.3 and 3.4

4. Lip Pencil: Using a pencil on a dry lip creates a softer, more stained effect. You can either leave the edge quite washed out and soft, or add a bit more pressure and define the edge, or even layer it for a deeper look. In the video I am using an old "Unclean" Brand but currently I am loving the Lily Lolo Lip Pencils and the Lavera Lip Pencils which are both affordable and soft and lovely!

5. Lip/Cheek Stain: I show you how to use this proper liquid stain, a beautiful bright red from Ere Perez . Since making this video, Ere Perez have repackaged the product with a much more convenient applicator, and have a new colour called Fun!

Photo by Claire Harrison for Ciate