Emma Hardie Skincare

I was recently invited to an information/demonstration session with Emma Hardie Skincare, and I confess that I am now a little bit in LOOOVE with this UK based skincare brand.

I am not easily dazzled by fancy words, exotic ingredients on flashy packaging. I have seen a lot. But Emma Hardie (yes she is a real person) is a captivating woman who I am in deep admiration of. Not only was she very well versed in her cosmetic and dermalogical biochemistry, but also knew a lot about faces, shaping and make up artistry. She was passionate and knowledgeable with a lovely generous spirit and sense of humour.

And most importantly, her products deliver.

I was given her Iconic Moringa Cleansing Balm and the Protect and Prime to take home to try. I have been using them both and loving it. This Video shows how to correctly cleanse with the balm using a ‘line’ technique. It removes all make up gently and effectively and my skin feels really soft and bright, with a gentle dewyness.

The Protect and Prime gives moisture and a gentle glow. I must say that with the change of seasons upon us, my skin is a bit dryer and more dehydrated than normal and the Protect and Prime is not making my skin as ‘plumptious’ (a word I stole directly from Emma) as it was 2 weeks ago. However, I have used the cleansing balm in a super thin layer hydration mask or overnight mask.. looooovley! I have used the Protect and Prime under make up and love the finish and look it gives to the skin.

In the session we also tried the Face Oil and if you have read my previous posts, you know I LOOOVE a face oil! The Foaming Face Wash is amazing as it has enzymes in it that gently exfoliate and brightens the skin, while the Instant Radiance Mask and Midas Touch serum both do exactly what they say on the packaging: Give you instant radiance and plump, moist skin. Not to mention that everything smells and feels divine.

I find the price point of the range fair and worthy of the high quality ingredients. Her products are made in the UK with as many natural and naturally derived ingredients and possible.

I love that Emma Hardie Skincare is promoting Natural beauty made with Natural ingredients and focuses on the health of the skin rather than just a temporary change in appearance. I look forward to trying more of the range on myself and my clients.