Lines Drawn: Eyeliner Pens

We all love a little eyeliner flick, and I especially love liner pens for a fast and easy way to create a flick. My top tip is to start with the outside corners of the eye, and keep the inside corners of your liner thin by gently laying the pen tip on its side and dabbing it against the base of lashes.
Here I are my Top Three Black Eyeliners for you to finesse your Flick.

1. YSL Shock Liner: This very black liner has been my fave for a while. It lasts forever ( on your face and the pen itself) and has a nice long tapered tip for really fine precision.

2. MAKE UP FOREVER Ink Liner: This is a very potent formula but really lasts and is a lovely matte black. My tip is to wipe off the excess back into the little pot before applying. It sets quickly so have cotton buds and make up remover to hand for little mistakes.

3. Smashbox Limitless This is a fine little liner pen that is waterproof as well

I give an honourable mention ot th eliner pen by Manhattan, an inexpensive drugstore brand avaialbale on the continent!

photo by Jay Prakhania, make up by Me