Crazy for Caudalie

I have been aware of Caudalie Skin and Body care since 2007, when I met a PR rep at a party.

I will state right here that over the years they have kindly sent me a variety of products to use and try, but I have on many occasions bought items myself for my own personal use, for my kit, or as a gift. I also do not use Caudalie skincare exclusively, but thought I would share with you my thoughts on this accessible and effective brand, that I really really love.

Caudalie is from Bordeaux and based on the amazing skin health properties of Polyphenols which are derived from grape seeds. Handy when you own a vineyard! Since it's inception in the mid 90's, it has patented several other key ingredients from vines and the grapes they produce.

I find this range does what it says on the bottle, is always pleasant and delightful to use, and shows results, so here I my Top Caudalie Hero products.

  1. Eau de Beauté This classic mist revives, refreshes and tones. I have used it on everyone from Kylie Minogue to Jeremy Irons and many in between. I use it in several ways: 1) To tone before moisturiser 2) At the end of a make up to 'set' it and lose a powdery effect. 3) I also use it if I need to refresh a makeup that has been on for a while and either needs to be changed ( ie. To go from a day to night look quickly ) I love it's minty scent!

2. Vinoperfect: Almost like a BB Cream, I use this light moisturiser on myself and clients all the time. It is slightly reflective, giving radiance without shine and can also be purchased as a tinted moisturiser. It has SPF 15, making it ideal for day wear. My skin is dry and dehydrated and I find it targets both those issues for me, and also perfects pores. I love it!

3. Cleansing Water: This is a tricky one for me, because I confess that although I really love the one by Caudalie, I occasionally find the original Bioderma one better. I prefer to use the Caudalie Cleansing Water on my clients, I find it cleanses make up and eye make up well. With a pleasant aroma and soothing feel, it works quickly and effectively.

4. Crème à Mains: I really love this hand cream. It is rich and nourishing, does not remain greasy, truly heals hands and comes in a perfect size for home and handbag. Job done!

5. Huile Detox: This is my new fave! I LOVE a face oil... I mean LOOOOOVE a face oil, and this one is FABULOUS! I find my skin still feels hydrated in the morning, despite a night spent with my face in a pillow ( I know for my ageing face's sake I should sleep in my back but I can't), and I feel like it has really been working.

Originally posted June 2014