Spark your Sparkle

I love a little sparkle, a little shimmer, a little glow, and during party season, it is a quick and easy way to perk up your regular holiday make up. Here are my top three ways to add sparkle to your holiday look faster than you can say "Cheers!".

1. Glitter Nail Polish: I love Deborah Lippmann, Organic Glam and OPI You can do 2 coats of glitter, or just use it as a topcoat over your favourite colour. Glitter polish a is notoriously hard to remove, but you buff it first with a rough nail file it comes off easier, and I find that the pre soaked remover pads have a bit of oil in them help with removal.

2. Loose Glitter: I know! I know! It can be a pain and messy, BUT, HUGE payoff in happy and that is what it is all about! Place a tiny bit on your eyelids or the inside corners of the eye that will catch the light when you blink.  JT MAKE UP STUDIO have great foils and glitter in different sizes. For a quicker version, try Urban Decay Heavy Metal liners. To keep your glitter in place, Try Lit Cosmetics glitter base. you can also use lip balm or Vaseline but these move more. Another option is products like Make Up Forever Star Powder which is like ground up starlight!

3. Glow: Go for glow rather than sparkle . I am simply IN LOOOVE with A La Carte Cosmetics Bare Blush highlighter. It comes in several colours, Starlight being my favourite. It has a lovely cream to powder formula that sets beautifully. Another Fave are all the NARS Multi-Use Sticks and check out Vapour cosmetics for an organic version. Dab and blend onto the tops of your cheeks and collarbone for a happy holiday glow!

Have a great party!


photo by Maureen Barrymore