Lip Service: Long Lasting Lipstick

I love a good lipstick. I love a lipstick that lasts for hours even better. Who has time for touch ups when you are juggling a toddler tantrum and homework? Here are my top 5 high impact high pigment long lasting lip solutions. Remember, a bright lip distracts from a tired eye!

I will say that ALL lipsticks last longer when applied to dry, balm free lips. In general Matte formulations last longer, even if they are not specifically long last formulas. A trick to making your lippy last is to use a matching lip pencil first all over the lip and then applying the lipstick.

1. Rouge Armani: I know they are more expensive but I SWEAR I have had one tube of lipstick for 2 years and I wear the colour AT Least once a week. Think of it as an investment piece. They come in a huge array of colours, but I think the brighter ones tend to last longer. My shade is 402.

2. Stila Stay all Day Vinyl Gloss: I confess that it does not actually stay ALL day, mostly due to the fact that my days are about 18 hours long, but I really love this lasting colour. It stays shiny for quite some time and really does hold its pigment. I have poppy and fuchsia.

3. Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick: This liquid lipstick does not work at all with a balm underneath, however, on dry lips, REALLY lasts and has lovely pigment. It goes on wet, a bit like paint and then dries, so you need to get the shape right away, but it really works. My shade is Icon.

photo by Maureen Barrymore, Makeup by Me