Mattify in May

I have been in love with Matte lips since the late '90's... but but hated the dryness. Long gone are those chalky formulas and most modern mattes last and hydrate at the same time.

 The Nars Matte Velvet Lip Pencils have been a longtime favourite, and they last forever, I also love the Hourglass Liquid Lip, and Ilia Lipstick is a great Organic Choice.

Illamasqua have a great range of Matte Lip colours, and I often just use a lip pencil to get a really intense colour.

I suggest a waxy lipbalm before hand so as not to get a glossy finish on your matte lips and dab off the excess with a tissue before applying the lipstick: try Burts Bees or Aveda Lip Saver.

Try clean matte skin and groomed eyebrows for a sophisticated look!

This was first posted in May 2014, but I have just reedited it.  Main Image by Claire HArriosn for Ciate