Healing Hands

I am a hand cream addict. I wash my hands about 20 000 times a day.  Add the winter cold and the indoor heating and my hands are almost chapped! I have tried many brands over the years, and here is my roundup of my favourite hand creams and a few treatments to help heal your hands.

1. Aveda Hand Relief: This creamy, unctuous cream comes in a generous format that I keep next to the bed. It leaves my hands a little greasy for a few minutes as the oils absorb, but I find it really heals my hands over night.  I am also known to keep it in a trailer when working on a long film and use it regularly as I love the fresh lemony scent.

2. Caudalie Crème Gourmande Mains et Ongles: I love this cream for my handbag and my kit. It is just rich enough to nurture and moisturize, but is light enough to absorb quickly.

3. Weleda Pomegranate Hand Cream: This is a handbag favourite for me. It is a small tube, but a little goes a long way. It is the perfect texture when out and about and working anywhere. I love the smell and very light texture, but it is packed with shea butter to seal moisture. The Pomegranate helps encourage cell renewal for revitalised skin. I adore the fragrance, though I find it smells more like cinnamon than a fruit.

4. Nova Scotia Fisherman: This is by our front door and I can easily get to it before going out or when I get home (after the mandatory hand wash - post London Public Transport trip).  My husband (dont tell him I told you!) likes to use it as his hands also get dry in the winter months. This is also a rich cream, but I applied some right before typing and by the end of this paragraph, my hands feel soft, refreshed and not oily at all. The scent is light and quite a non-event, another reason why it is good for the boys. And who does not love a Canadian Fisherman! (They also do a great lip balm for the boys... hmm I sense a Men's Skincare article coming on!)

I also must give an honorary mention to 2 moisturising hand sanitisers. Carex and Jurlique both make a hand sanitizer that has moisturising ingredients so you don't get that parched feeling straight after using it. This is really important to a make up artist as we are always disinfecting our hands.

If you are finding your hands rough and dry: Give your hands a spa:

Use salt or sugar mixed with olive oil and scrub your hands. Rinse well in warm water. Use a natural bristle nailbrush to exfoliate around the nail bed and cuticles. Pat your hands dry, push your cuticles back and slather your hands in rich hand cream and nail oil. Cover with white cotton gloves or even clean cotton socks! Rest for a few minutes.... Ahhh!


Photo by Philip Lee Harvey