Perfectly Natural Brows

This Post is Via my lovely friends from Ladyland and was written by Bella Binns

Ask any make-up artist and they’ll tell you − a well proportioned, defined eyebrow will take you far in this world. But for those who aren’t naturally blessed, or who like me did a fair amount of damage in the late 90s akin to the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, there can be issues.

Over plucking is a major culprit and in a cruel twist of fate, the mistakes we made as teenagers now leave us sorely lacking in the type of full, bushy brow that shaves years off your age. Oh, the irony. Even with a diligent approach to shaping (try your local Shavata counter) and dyeing, you can still be left with gaps, or errant hairs that just wont co-operate.

That’s when a little cosmetic intervention, and the help of an expert, comes in very handy. “My goal with eyebrows is to create a beautiful natural shape, adding definition, opening the eye and balancing the proportions of the forehead and face,” says Tahira, friend of Ladyland and our go-to pro make-up artist.

So, with her natural, attainable aesthetic in mind, and armed with a collection of the best new brow perfectors, pencils and primers, Tahira set to work righting our wrongs and giving us back brows we could be proud of. Here’s how she did it…



“The New CiD i-brow Waterproof Liquid Eyebrow Colour in Light, £16.50, was perfect for Emma’s ash blonde brows. Using the pen (think a superfine paintbrush loaded with pigment) I was able to fill in where necessary with natural looking brush strokes after a quick tidy up with tweezers. I lengthened her natural shape a little and also added depth at the root of the brow, to anchor them. The fine eyeliner brush gives amazing little brush strokes, so it remains looking natural.”


“Marghe has naturally darker brows, but they’re a little sparse. After plucking into shape, I used 3INA’s double ended Eyebrow Pencil in 101 (almost a dark grey), £6.50. I really like the dry texture of this pencil and the flat, neutral tone as it creates a subtle shadow on the skin − enough to strengthen the brow, without making them overpowering. The spoolie end makes for quick and easy blending and brushing too.”



“On Celia I used the genius Japonesque Brow Kit, £22 at ASOS (and Japonesque grooming scissors). The multiple tones in the palette are perfect for Celia as she has a thin root, thick middle and sparse end. I used the darker colour to fill the ends and the lighter for the root so it wasn’t too heavy looking. I then went over everything with the brow wax to keep the hairs in place.”




“With Kelly I used tweezers to open up the shape and then used eye shadow – MAC Eye Shadow in Omega and Brun, both £10, mixed − to fill in the gaps. I used a small angled brush from 3INA to apply which worked well, but there are a million others out there, so go wild.”



“Clem has a naturally great shape and thickness so all I did was pluck a little underneath to clear the arch, trim any extraneous hairs and brush with a spoolie using Pure Potions Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment, £7.99, an all-natural waxy balm, for a groomed effect.”



“I threaded the top side of Mel’s brow and plucked in a natural arch, then filled in lightly using Lancôme Sourcils Gel Waterproof Gel-Cream Eyebrow Pot in Brun, £19.50. The warmer tone gave a softer look as Mel’s main concern was that she didn’t want ‘angry’ brows.”



“I tinted Bella’s brows using Colorsport 30 Day Mascara and Brow Dye in dark brown, £8.25, but only left it on for a minute to subtly deepen the colour without making it too harsh. Afterwards I filled in any gaps with a little bit of NARS Brow Perfector in Kalamata, £16.50, and fixed with NARS Brow Gel in Oural (clear), £16.50, to set in place.”

Photography: Kate Berry
Hair and make-up: Tahira
Art direction: Emma Scott-Child