My Current Hero Products

I am fiercely loyal. To people, places and brands. But a lover of learning, I love changing my beauty routines with the times, with new technology, new consciousness and my slowly ageing face. Also, I do draw lines between my hero products for work and for myself. I have had some lovely feedback about my skin on Instagram, So here are my current top 5 Hero Beauty Products for me: as you will see, for me, it's ALL about the skin.

1- Sukin Chia Seed Oil: I love this rich moisturising oil that I use both day and night. I find it absorbs and deeply moisturises my dry skin. I sometimes pair it with its partner the Supergreen Serum.

2 - Balance Me Beauty BB Cream: I have been going On and On about this for MONTHS. I am so sorry to be repetitive, but when I like something I like to shout it out.  I initially concerned because it appears quite light and could look grey, but the product just melts into your face. It has a little radiance, gives a layer of diffusion to my suns spots and veins and contains SPF 25, protecting my skin.

3 - Inika Cosmetics Liquid Foundation:  I have the formula with Hyaluronic Acid in Beige. I think it offers a lovely coverage and finish and really wears well and disappears into my skin. I will say this: The colour selection is not great, I will also say this, I do OFTEN (not always) mix my bases with other products, this is because I can never decided on a texture or a colour and I tend to like to mix things. It is just how I am, not a reflection on the quality of the product. So for full disclosure, I sometimes mix with a Delilah foundation or a Trish McEoy BB cream

4 - Delilah Fade Away Concealer: Now I am REALLY not a fan of clicky pens as packaging.  but they have their place in the world. I was also skeptical when I saw the highly yellowy colour of Marble which I have. HOWEVER, I absolutely Love it! The liquidformula offers lightweight but full coverage, and I can even add some of this to the tops of my cheeks as a subtle highlight.

5 - Ilia Highlighter in Cosmic Dancer: So as I am all about the skin, I am all about RADIANCE. This is when you look like a light is following you everywhere and your skin looks plump, hydrated and healthy... So with that in mind a new fave is this ILIA highlighter. I have only started dabbling with highlighter for myself recently as most formulas always "sat" on my skin and although I love them for actress It is so smooth and delicate, and subtle and gentle yet effective. it is like a cream oil with some shimmer in it. I really love it.