Freckle Fakery

Makeup Freeckles on Iszidora

Makeup Freeckles on Iszidora

This one is for you Makeup Artists and Makeup Lovers!

I Love Freckles. I really, really love them. I have none. I wish I did.

For years and years I have encouraged freckled faced girls to stop covering up, and it seems that in the past few years it has finally happened! Freckle Freedom!!!! Freckles convey youthfulness, health and a more whimsical look and I love showing them off. They are Natural and they are Beautiful

But as a Makeup Artist, you sometimes get asked to put them in, either as a fashion statement, to make someone look less made up or for a natural look.

There are many ways to do freckles and your technique depends how long they need to last, where the camera is going to be, or if there will be a camera at all!

In the photo above shot by Charlotte Kibbles, I did 2 steps:

1. I used several shades of brown/beige/ taupe pencil, basically anything with out red in it - a lot of eyebrow pencils are good for this. I sharpened the points and did a dot + twist for each one, to create slightly irregular shapes. Then I did a light dusting of powder to soften and blend.

2. With a damp fine eyeliner brush and similar tone shadows, I did the same to get a really mottled and varied texture.

Try the Louise Young Essential Eye Palette or DR Hauschka Eyeshadow Palettes and I really like the Dr Hauschka Pencils.

Sometimes you want the freckles to be more prominent and a bit editorial like I did above, or sometimes, in film for example, you need them to look completely natural and part of the character.  In this case, I use a fine brush and my Skin Illustrator Palettes and Gels to create really subtle freckles and spots. I even use colours like Olive and Green and Grey Bruise Gels, mixed in with warmer tones from the Dark Skin and Ve's Pirate Palette to mix up the tone as I did for Jeremy Irons on the Borgias (below).

Morag Ross has a great post about her techniques on her Instagram and what she did for Cate Blanchette for The Aviator. I met Morag on that film, she is an AMAZING Artist and you need to check out her work.