My Green Philosphy and my Journey to Clean Beauty

Why am I trying to green up my kit? Why indeed. In fact, at the moment, I am making my life harder. Sourcing the products that I want/need, finding the place/time to try them and most of all, the financial... Investing in your kit is a constant source of expense!

I have been lucky over the years to have been sent many lovely treats, but smaller brands need my income not only because they need to reinvest in their own product but they cannot match the big budget marketing of larger operations. I know organic and green skincare often has a higher price point, and there are lots of 'Eco-luxe' companies that do not necessarily cater to the budget conscious. And then there is the style over substance debate. I love a bit of luxe but sometimes a simple and clear ingredient list and function packaging is all I need.

I believe that moving to a more natural kit is simply an extension of my life. I have been Eco conscious since my teens, I have only ever used Eco household products since my 2nd apartment on my own in 2001. I bring green credentials to my life, but have stalled for years to bring the same ethos to my kit.

Why? Many reasons: I like products, I like knowing about different tproducts  and having a large array of toys and paints at my professional disposal. Ever so often I do a cull and give away to assistants or donate to charity what I no longer need.

I am not a consumer by nature. My mum grew up in Karachi in the 50's and my dad in Post -war Germany. We waste not want not, we use up, finish up. We are thrifty (bordering on cheap), we use and reuse, we share, care and upcycle. It's what we have always done in my family. But I have not been so old with my pro kit.

Now I prefer to buy something once for a bit more money, something of quality over quantity, I would rather have a smaller makeup and hair kit to work from and be forced to be creative, rather than have loads of stuff I barely use.

I too get tempted by the bright lights and marketing of larger companies and campaigns, but now I am more impressed by ethics and philosophy thank I am by celebrity  endorsement.

I think it is important for the planet and my co- humans. I think it is important for little creative companies run by little people like me trying to make their little contribution to better. I believe it will help my clients and make me a better artist.

That is what I believe.

 Hero photo by Tiffany Mumford for @whitevestproject