Keep your skin Bright and Bouncy with Dr Mayoni

This week I had the pleasure of catching up with Dr Mayoni (hitherto known as Dr M.) at her new Clinic in South London, where she provides a whole array of beauty treatments, focust on reducing the visible signs of ageing as well as skin damage such as sun damage and acne etc..  Although I am mainly interested in Natural and Organic Cosmetics + skincare, I am eternally curious and am very interested in the science of skincare + beauty, and I am a bit of a technology skeptic.

I feel like I have met my brain-mate in Dr M. (its like a soul mate but for the brain). Not only is Dr M. super nice, she really, really does her research and believes in scientific evidence of results and only carries out treatments that perform.

A quick Bio of Dr. Mayoni ( an amazing woman):

  •  Graduate of St George’s Hospital Medical School + is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons.
  • After a career in General Surgery, Dr M pursued extensive training in Aesthetic Medicine at Auraura Clinics.
  • She is a member of Save Face a register of aesthetic practitioners who have met stringent criteria with regards to safety and customer services
  •  She prides herself in a service which is tailored and helps you to look the very best you can be.

For those of us leaving our 20s and 30s behind, maintaining bright bouncy skin becomes a little less easy.

Here is a quick basic lesson in skin ageing facts:

  • Healthy cells break down and become Free Radicals (I am simplifying) which then go break down other healthy cells. Antioxidants have the capacity to absorb these free radicals and neutralize them. A certain amount of this process is normal for healthy cell regeneration, too much of the process,  you get ageing ( see more science of this here)
  • Collagen cells sit deep in the skin and are like fatty happy springs giving bounce + elasticity. Collagen breakdown causes that support to falter, causing wrinkles.
  • The top layer of skin is essentially a pileup of dead cells, so exfoliating them regularly exposes fresher, basically Newer skin, allowing for more brightness and smoothness.

Apart from natural processes, Our skin is attacked by Dr M's 4 Ss: Sun, Smoke, Stress and lack of Sleep.

To help maintain the best skin possible, avoid the 4 Ss (some easier to avoid than others) and Good skincare is key. To keep wrinkles at bay and maintain bright bouncy skin, we need to be getting the dead skin layers off, and supporting the healthy function of collagen.

1: Getting rid of dull, dead cells:

You can exfoliate regularly, but Dr M Recommends regular peels to really loosen and eliminate the top layer of dead skin from time to time. A Glycolic Peel is one way of doing this and I tried the Fire + Ice Resurfacing treatment by IS Clinical (USA based brand, Cruelty Free, Uses Botanical Bases for Scientifically proven products) which is a 2 step facial containing Sugar Cane Extract (glycolic Acid) to remove the dead skin cells and then a Rejuvenating mask containing Aloe Vera to soothe and hydrate. It did burn, but my skin felt amazing after and HONESTLY was plumper and nicer. Here is a picture (sorry Kids, I am not wasting my time with fancy cameras with loads of effects and amazing selfies just yet. My phone selfies will have to do.)

Dr Mayoni also carries OBAJI products, also an American Clinical skincare company she believes in.

2. Collagen Support:

I asked about Collagen Supplements: Dr M feels that Supplements only containing collagen or the movement to consume Collagen in her opinion does not help the skin, because as the food or supplement passes through the gut, the body digests and breaks it down, so little if any will actually get to the blood stream which is the only place it can be absorbed.  However, you can take supplements to boost the body's capacity to produce its OWN collagen. Dr Mayoni carries Advanced Nutrition Program, and eat Anti-Oxidants like Blueberries and Blackberries. (I amsure there are other effective brands, but I am not a pro at this)

Or you can use treatments like Genuine Dermaroller or (Medical Dermaroller) Which is only advisable with a trained practricioner. Basically this treatment involved rolling lots of TINY needles on your face. This basically causes a minor trauma to the deepest layer of the skin which causes it to try and heal itself, flooding the area with good happy stuff ( My Words not DR M.) and stimulating collagen production. Although this leaves skin a bit raw for a day and you need to follow Dr. M. specific advice for post Roller care, and the results are amazing.  I have spoken to people who swear by it. (This treatment is less recommended for women with medium to dark skin, but a trained practitioner will be able to best advise)

IPL: Intensive Pulsating Light is used on the skin, a bit like a Dermaroller with out the pins. The Infra red light changes the metabolism of the cells and makes them change their frequency to make them heal faster and react the way they did at their healthiest.

I asked Dr M about natural skincare, or anti ageing facial massage and excercise. A true Scientist, Dr M believes if it not harmful it is fine, but with no white papers, controlled experiments or research, she feels uncomfortable supporting it.

Top Tips from Dr Mayoni:

  1. Eat Anti Oxidants like Blue Berries
  2. Invest in good skincare from your 30s, do your research into the products you will be spending your hard earned money on. Don't just go for the miracle claims.
  3. Have regular Peels followed by appropriate skincare to always have the freshest skin possible.

The original point of this article was actually to talk about Jane Iredale makeup, and we just ended up talking about skincare and Ageing so I think My Jane Iredale product review will have to wait.

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photo by Josephine Roloff