5 ways to make your skin Look + Feel Youthful

I get asked about skincare A LOT. I originally wrote this post over a year ago, but most of my favourties have changed so I thought I would review it. Here are my top 5 skin care tips for healthy radiant skin, using Low Tox products that contain high natural and organic content using clean ingredients that are good for us and the planet.

1. Drink Water

Photo by Josephine Roloff - Model Annesofie at Nevs - All rights Reserved

Photo by Josephine Roloff - Model Annesofie at Nevs - All rights Reserved

I know!! BOOORING and SUPER OBVIOUS right? Wrong. We all know we should drink lots of it. But have you ever thought about the importance of drinking warm water first thing in the Morning? We all know that health from within begets health from without.  Flushing your system with warm water first thing in the morning has many benefits, some of which are listed in this fantastic no-nonsense article by Katie from Wellness Mama ( I have following Wellness Mama for years and I love Katie's sensible and researched advice and wonderful recipes). I have also been following an Ayurvedic Self care Practice with Melanie from the Madhuri Method who also encourages drinking warm Lemon or Lime water in the morning. After a long period without hydrating, it make sense to reach for water rather than coffee first. Flushing your liver which will release trapped toxins encourages an overall healthy functioning of the body and of course, your skin.

2.  Moisturise

This may seem like a really obvious step, but you would be amazed how many people either skip the moisturiser, or are using the wrong one for them. Regardless of your skin type you should always moisturize with a cream, lotion or face oil, because hydration is key to a plump, glowy smooth complexion.  Adding a layer of hydration to your skin can protect it, help seal in moisture, prevents a dry dull look to skin and can help balance the oil and water levels of the skin.

I always moisturise my face after washing my face. For models and my clients, I generally cleanse and tone before moisturising. ( I only use toner on myself occasionally, generally to refresh my skin when tired but not straight after washing it)

Here are some moisturisers I reccommend by skin type:

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin regularly will ensure that your skin care works properly and helps your skin cells to renew and heal. You can either use a mechanical scrub that will remove surface dead skin cells, or opt for a chemical exfoliation, like that provided by Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). These are acids that are found in foods like milk and citrus fruits or apples found in many anti ageing skin care products.

AHAs penetrate deep into the dermis and break up the bonds holding dead skin cells to the surface,  revealing a fresher layer of skin which looks brighter and smoother...who doesn't want that?!

To try:

  • Flux Botanicals GG Grains: This multi use product is a mixture of Clays + extracts that contain AHAs.  The Gentle Glow Grains can be mixed to form a mask or used as a gentle scrub.

  • Green People Orange Blossom Exfoliator: This Gentle scrub has a lovely scent and softly sloughs away dry skin, while hibiscus extract firms

  • Old Orchard No. 5 Pebble Mask : Hibiscus extract gives this mask a bright beautiful colour, but is also high in AHAs and is a lovely mask to use.

  • Supermood Youth Glo Peel: If you follow me regularly you will have hear me go on about this before.  I love this powerful chemical exfoliator but sensitive skin beware! Read more here

  • Dr. Alkaitis Cellular Repair Mask: This is another granular mask packed with enzymes for exfoliation. Mix with water of for a luxurious mask, try Organic Greek Yoghurt and honey.

4. Subtle Glow

A subtle glow is a great way to make the skin look healthy and radiant like the image of Annesofie above.  If you have done good skincare, you will have a good base. I love skin that looks like it is glowing from the inside and achieve that look in one of 3 ways:

  1. By applying a radiance primer
  2. by applying a highlighting liquid or cream the tops of the cheeks BEFORE applying foundation
  3. By Applying an illuminating product (cream or powder) a the end of the makeup

In the example above I actually layered 3 types of sheen to create a modern ethereal look. The primer had a reflective finish, I used Ilia Beauty Multi Stick in Polkadots &a Moonbeams on the high points, and dusted a tiny bit of the INIKA Baked Illuminisor on her cheekbones.

My favourites are

5. Facial Excercise

Facial excercise is based on the principal that the muscles on the face can be trained like the muscles in the rest of the body, and thus can be toned and tightened. This is still a bit new to me and I am still exploring, but I like the idea of it. Some call it Facial Yoga, some call it anti-aging excercise. There are videos online, books, programs, classes, coaching....  I like the idea of non surgical non invasive solutions that I can do myself. Does it work? I don't know yet, but I will keep trying! Check out an introduction here, Face Yoga ,


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