The Samples I tried for you to Buy

Organic Skincare i discovered on holiday

So While I have enjoyed a delightfully long holiday, my skin has been surviving off of testing a shedload of samples that I have accumulated the last months. The X Factor of beauty products was taking place in my toiletry bag, so here are my that you need to try

My Top 4 Organic Skincare Picks

1. Lavera All Round Cream: I am a little in love with this cream that I got as part of a goody bag. I think it is a cousin to the Weleda Skin Food that I love so much, but has a gentler fragrance and slightly thicker texture, lending it more to being a hand/foot cream and I would not really recommend it for the face unless to protect from wind and cold. Ingredients include Organic Soy, Sunflower, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and more. I have been using it on my hands and eczema spot on my face.

2. Merumaya Melting Cleanse Balm: I discovered this LOOOVELY cleanse balm through my Little Known Box subscription. It contains Echium Oil (from the Borage Plant family) provides a protective barrier and Omegas to nurture the skin. It can either be rinsed with water alone or washed with a warm wet cloth, and I had no problems removing eye makeup and mascara. I look forward to trying the full size at home.

3. Green People Fruitful Nights : I love the light but rich texture of this Night cream. It feels nourishing but without a greasy finish. I often break out in small pimples from night creams (which is why I am so partial to oils and serums) but this cream just leaves my skin smooth until morning. It contains Rosehip Oil for regeneration and Hemp for Omegas to keep skin supple. Pedro from Twelve Beauty believes that we should be using cream over oils and serums to seal in and make the products more effective, and I would agree. (bringing me to my next sample)

4. Twelve Beauty Rapid Eye Treatment: Twelve beauty by Pedro Catalá has an impressive pedigree: each product contains a blend of 12 key ingredients to promote skin health and youthfulness. The eye cream is really light but feels rich and really smoothed my skin, especially under my brow which is sadly getting a bit "Crepey".

Give these products a try yourself!

photo my Claire Harrison, makeup by Me