6 Steps to a Capsule Makeup Collection

A Minimal Selection of Products for your Makeup Bag

Nietke Van Der Peet by Simon Wisebey, Makeup by me using Lily Lolo Laid Bare Palette.

Nietke Van Der Peet by Simon Wisebey, Makeup by me using Lily Lolo Laid Bare Palette.

Before the holidays I was asked to recommend Capsule Collection to streamline a Make Up Bag.  This is actually quite a difficult task for me because I love variety and choice in my products. It really made me think about what are my "I cant Live without" and "Must Haves". So I created a list below, with recommendations based on a quick makeup for busy women.

You will notice 1/2 of my list consists of Skin Makeup products. That is because I think great skin and eyebrows are the key to basic makeup. I love A Multi Use product, 1 thing that does many: Fabulous! For colours, Palettes are perfect to have several options in one convenient package. I have put Mascara in Parentheses is that many women are opting for Semi Permanent Lash extentions as an alternative to mascara.

1. Foundation

I think good skin can go a long way. Up until recently, I would wear tinted moisturiser and concealer, but as I age and my skin seems to absorb more product faster, I need the coverage and staying power of a foundation. My Favourites include: Well People Stick Foundation, Ilia Liquid Foundation,  Inika Liquid Foundation , Kjaer Weiss Compact Foundation is Amazing, Ere Perez Gets great reviews I just have not had a chance to try it on myself. For More Accessible Brands Try For a really speedy solution, you can use a powder foundation, Mineral Formulas are your best bet in this case. For practicality I prefer a Compact, but loose mineral powder tends to give a softer coverage which I prefer. Try : Inika Mineral Baked or Loose, PHB Minerals Or Lily Lolo

2. Concealer

I like to work using veils of colour for a natural finish, so I apply concealer after foundation because I feel you need less product.. I really love Delilah Farewell and Fade Away Concealers especially for medium tones.  I have long been a fan of the Armani Corrector #2, but as this has ZERO Green Beauty Credentials so try the Dr Hauschka Concealer Instead.  RMS Un-Cover is a great option for layering coverage from thin to thick so can work as a foundation or Concealer. However, The Un Cocer is a very creamy product and I think it works best on dryer skin, and does not really work for me as a heavy concealer. Think of it as a light to medium coverage concealer/base.

Amazing Cosmetics also makes a Fantastic Cruelty Free Concealer (not non toxic -It stopped selling in China in 2015),  I am a fan of for really stubborn discolouration, though I find the colour selection a bit limited. My latest Concealer favorites are the Couleur Caramel and Hynt Beauty Concealers. Both have a thicker texture and offer more coverage with minimal product application.

3. Powder

This step essential for longer lasting makeup. Setting your base with powder helps "fix" it in place. you can brush it on for a softer finish or use a powder puff to press it in for a longer lasting,  more matte (and slightly more made up) look. I am a big fan of Inika Loose Mineral Powder, RMS Un-Powder is beautiful and fine, Ilia Finishing Powder is Extra fine, but not great if you have very oily skin. Hynt Finale Powder is brilliant as well, with arrowroot as its base, though needs a bit of extra blending.

Of Course, if you are using a Powder Foundation you can skip this step HOWEVER, I do sometimes layer a Finishing powder over a Mineral Base because I feel it can make a more blended look, and help those with more oily skin.

4. Eyeshadow Palette + BRows

I love the Lily Lolo eyeshadow palettes and I go on about them all the time! They have just added 2 new sets, bringing the collection to 5. The colours are lovely and easy to use and the small tidy palettes are very affordable.  PHB Beauty do lovely palettes and include blushes for added convenience. Pacifica have a good selection as does 100% Pure and Zao Makeup.

Once you have a good palette with a range of colours in both Matte, shimmer, light and dark shades, you are set! With the right brushes you can even create any look and even use it as an eyeliner, and go easily from day to night.  If your palette includes shadows that suit your eyebrows, all you need is an angled brush to fill in your brows.  If your palette does not include a brow colour try a Brow balm or wax, another 2 in 1 product that offers colour and control: Elate Brow Balm, Hynt Eyebrow Definer, or the original Ecobrow

5. Cheeks + Lips

Multi-use creams cor the Lips and cheeks are a great way to get 2 products in one.

I LOVE a multi stick!  Quick and practical Multisticks are a flexible product that you can use on different parts of the face, I often use a Bite Beauty Multi Stick all over the face on shoots: I find adding the same colour on different parts of the face bring in harmony. Ilia Multi Sticks are a staple in my kit and for my personal makeup bag as well, though they are very sheer, they layer well.  W3ll People Nudist Multisticks come in 3 wearable shades with antioxidants to nourish the skin.  Alternatively, instead of a stick, you can choose compact cream multi use colours like the Ere Perez Clever Carrot or the RMS Beauty Lip 2 Cheek

Another option are multi-use cream colour palettes like Nude + Noir  , RMS Signature Sets or Pacifica Radiant Shimmer Coconut Palette.

Some of the Palettes mentioned above are good for lips as well, but other great Option is to make your own by decanting your favourite lip colours into little palette containers. My favourite empty palettes are Vueset  or other types you can even get from Amazon, or your local pharmacy. There are lots of videos on how to do this with and without a microwave, so have a look here

6. Lash Curler + Mascara

I cant live without mascara and I cannot be bothered with Lash extentions. I do however sometimes just wear my lashes curled but bare.  My fave lash curlers are classic Shu Uemura, but I really love the ones made by Suratt, and I have always love this Japonesque Pocket Lash curler. 

As for Mascara, that is altogether a different party. I find it really depends on the person, and trial + error is unfortunately the best way to find one you love. Some mascaras that smudge on me are loved by others.

I like the RMS Beauty Volumising Formula because it neither smudges nor flakes on my eyes. Code Beautiful is Cruelty and Paraben Free and gives a lovely glossy finish. Now the Dr. Hauschka have reformulated, I really like it (it used to smudge in about an hour on me) and comes in a great range of colours. Other brands I use and like to use at work, but they just don't work on me are W3ll People, Lily Lolo + Elate.

There you have it, My Capsule Make Up Collection

What are your makeup bag essentials?

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