Bold Lips with Bite Beauty

I discovered Canadian Lip Colour Brand Bite Beauty last year on my search for Green + Ethical Makeup, but was not able to try it until the fall when I finally was able to purchase a few of the Multi Sticks, and it was love at first.... Bite!

Founded in Toronto by Susanne Langmuir, Bite Beauty focuses on Lip Colour. According to her interview in Fashionista In March 2016, Susanne began in the beauty business in product development, acquiring natural and organic oils, before establishing 2 of her own businesses that did not work for various reasons. But thankfully and admirably, Susanne carried on and established Bite Beauty in 2011, and it was bought by Kendo*  in 2014.

Bite Beauty Lip Colours are made with natural, organic ingredients + edible pigments, that Condition and perfect your Pout. The Organic Ingredients include Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Beeswax and more. Bite is not Certified but has an extensive Organic ingredient list. However, it does contain controversial ingredient Titanium Dioxide and "Natural Fragrances".  For a full analysis and breakdown of the ingredients and the "Clean Factor" of the lip products, check out Sarita Coren's Review in The Hub of Green Living.  I have done my personal research and am quite at peace with the Brand (and so is expert Sarita by the way).

The full range currently includes Amuse Bouche Lipsticks, Matte Cream Lip Crayons, Multisticks (Eye/Lip/Cheek Cream-to-Powder), an Agave Collection for lip treatments and balms, as well as Lip Crayons and Tinted Balms. All the Bite Products sell on Sephora (some Exclusively) and at their Lip Labs in New York, California and Toronto.

Birth of a Lipstick

I had the absolute pleasure of taking myself to the Bite Lip Lab on Queen Street West in Toronto . The concept is ridiculously amazing. Clients are offered 2 services: Custom: This allows you to choose to form a selection of shades, finishes + scents to create your personal lip product. Or their Bespoke service which means mixing your own colour from scratch using powdered pigments. I will definitely be going for the Bespoke service next time, but as time was of the essence, I chose the Custom service. Austen, my kind and informative Mixer formulated a bright Cherry Satin Lipstick (Cherry flavoured for my 8-year-old self), and a Warm Nude flavoured with subtle Wildberry (For my grown up self)  I highly recommend you treat yourself if you can. It is a great gift option as well, and everyone in there was smiling

I am so proud of this amazing Canadian brand, and I hope to see worldwide soon.

Kendo is an incubator brand for LVMH - I want to state this clearly so that readers concerned with parent company ethics are aware