Better Black Friday: The Season of Ethical Giving

Hello to any new readers! This week's post is going to be a little different, so thank you so much for joining me!

As you know, I normally write about beautiful Clean Beauty, but this weekend marks the beginning of the Holiday Countdown, and I have been inspired to write about something a little different this week. 

Normal Beauty Articles will resume next week I promise!

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My Alternative Giving Guide

'Tis the season

Well, Here it is. 'Tis the Season...  Of What?

Giving? Receiving? Mass Consumerism and waste? Exhaustion and Stress? Joy and Love? Light and Happiness?  

Starting this "Black Friday" the frenzy of sales, offers, best deals + lowest prices promises to fill the recipient of your gift with joy while minimising the hole in your pocket.

I believe the Holiday season has been a bit hijacked by profit-making advertisements which feed the machine of constantly wanting 'more'. Have we not reached "Maximum Stuff"???

I come from a family of ethical gift givers. Not out of a strong political stance, but its just how we are. Growing up,  I was more likely to get imported produce for Christmas than the latest toy, so I want encourage you to rethink how you will be giving gifts this season, what you will be giving, and where you will be putting your hard earned cash.


I know that across my social media (and surely in upcoming posts) you will be able to discover deals and promotions in the coming weeks. I only support brands I believe in, that correspond to my Ethos (read more about that here) so you can rest assured that I am encouraging you to harness your power as a Conscious Consumer to support brands that I believe are leaving a positive impact

In the meantime,  here are some ideas for you to look into Ethical Gift giving this season.

Alternatives to buying more Things

Looking for Gifts with a twist? Here is a short list of ways you can give gifts that keep on giving:

  • Make a donation in someone's name - see below for some charities I support
  • Purchase a gift or cards from a charity shop
  • Regift an Item you will not use
  • Upcycle and create a new gift out of something old
  • Purchase unusual gifts (like a goat or a mosquito net) that can really help those in need from places like the following:

The Choose Love Shop in London

Help Refugees has opened a pop-up shop in Central London where you can buy actual items to help Refugees like boots, jackets and more. Just Go to 18 Broadwick St, W1F 8HS

Other Charity Based Brands:

The FMLY Store - Buy any of the #GOODTEES and donate to charities like Save the Children









Other ways to give this season

I STRONGLY encourage you to shop locally for handmade or crafted items and to  encourage local artisans independent shops by purchasing your gifts from Christmas fairs and markets. For online shopping try  Etsy, Trouva & Not on the High Street, Folksy. (If you can recommend North American and Austrailian?NZ Sites simialar to this, please get in touch 

There is a WEALTH of Crafts-people making AMAZING products to be found on Instagram. try the hashtags #ethicalgifts #craftsposure #etsyseller or etsyshop, #papercraft #arststagram #artistsofinstagram, #handmade (then add on something like toys, jewellery, bag etc).

Other Ideas

There are some great ideas on this post from  Positive News , This article from Buzz Feed and Positive Luxury

Please Get in touch with your ideas and suggestions to add to this list

Charities I Love

You can support the Season of Giving by donating your time to local charities or even just being kind to those around you. Perhaps there is an elderly neighbour who could use some shopping done, or call that friend or relative that annoyed you this year and try to make amends. 

If like me your time is limited and a charitable donation is the way forward, here are some organisations I believe in or try this fun little campaign by PAY PAL. The Turkey Dash  is an online animated turkey race excecise-a-thon where for as little as £5 you can support one of many charities and get the kids to watch funny little videos of turkeys doing excercises you just sponsored!


I am a big supporter of Oxfam as an International Charity. Big Organisations get a bad rep for having high operating costs but I believe you sometimes have to spend money to make money and help people. Oxfam is very transparent about its spending which you can see HERE 

Oxfam are an interantional organisation helping The most vulnerable people around the globe. You can either donate money or shop from their many charity stores or online or at their fun Unwrapped section which buys items like goats and water pumps for those in need.

The Disaster Emergency Comittee - DEC 

The DEC operates by creating emergency appeals in times of crisis and disinter, and then distributes it among its 13 charities ( Which include Save the Children, Plan International OXFAM and more) to impact those who need it most, quickly.  To see in detail how the committee works, click HERE 

The current emergency appeals are for crises in Yemen, Myanmar and East Africa, while past appeals include Gaza, Typhoon in the Philippines and Syria. You can donate to one of the appeals below:

The National Resource Defence Council

I have just discovered the NRDC but I am so impressed with their credentials and work. [...] The organization continues to work to ensure the rights of all people to clean air, clean water, and healthy communities.(NDRC Website)

This Video Explains a bit more about them and their mission. Founded in the 1970's by Scinetists and Attorneys dedicated to protecting the environment, The NRDC supports a variety of projects from river clean-ups to "Trump Watch"

With clear Financial Reports and  I feel this charity has a wide reach as a lot of integrity.

All these Charities have clear FINANCIAL Section s where you can see how their money is spent, and/or are part of overseeing bodies that check their integrity check out Charity Choice for more information


Other Charities I support and believe in are:


Over to you!

Get Involved! I would love to hear from you! 

Contact me with your favourite organizations and charities, or local shops and artisans adn I will try to share and shout out as many as I can. 

Post your Ethical or Alternative gifts to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hastag: #MYBETTERBLACKFRIDAY

I am looking for responsible and reliable charities (They must have transparent Financial statuses on their web page or be recognised by an overseeing body as reliable) 

I would also love to know about small brands doing great things so please send me a message if you know anyone who would love a shout out across my social platforms and on this page!

Happy Holidays!