2017 Roundup: My Top Beauty Tips You need to know about

Thank you 

As the year comes to a close, it is a time for reflection and looking at what is coming to a close, so that we may look forward to what is beginning.  

It has been a big year for me, with lots of projects, activities and juggling life, trying to get a handle on blogging, social media, and actually doing what I love which is painting faces.  

But through it, you have been kind enough to read what I write, and new subscribers are joining Tahira's Tribe weekly, and the feedback from you is wonderful, so allow me to take this moment to thank all my readers.  

Thank you to all who take the time to read my articles, for those of you you follow me on Social Media and take the time to engage with me on all different levels. 

I am still very much feeling my way in the dark with this blog. My goal is to inspire you to purchase beauty products that are better for you and the planet, all the while giving you the performance and results you require with my tips from over 20 years as a professional makeup artist.

I also want to provide you with a great edit of products I love, tried and tested by yours truly, so thank you for shopping with me!  I am constantly updating the shop page, so head over form time to time to see what is new.

Thank you for giving me a voice and a platform this year, and I hope to continue to grow and share more of my discoveries and beauty tips in 2018.

I had some wonderful success with a really wide array of articles this year, ranging from Makeup Tutorial Videos to Product Recommendations, New Launches and more, so I thought I would put them all in one place for you to peruse.

Happy Holidays

Beauty by Tahira is Taking a Holiday! I will be going away for a winter break, and I hope to find you again in 2018. Normal Service will resume on the 12th of January but head over to my Social Channels in the meantime to stay in touch with my adventures (Instagram and Twitter are best. I have just joined Facebook so head on over and give me a like and Follow the @beautybytahirauk Page )

I wish you the best of the holiday season and only health and love in 2018

My Top 10 Articles from the last year 

I have rounded up the most successful posts all in one place, so that you can catch up on anything you missed, I and I have made sure to update all the older posts so have a look and be re-inspired!