Tahira's Tiles: Green Beauty I try Before you buy

Welcome back to My Tiles! It's been a while but I have been trying and testing a bunch of products out for you and I finally have a moment to tell you about my current faves - I have a bit more to say this time so Let's dive right into This Month's Tahira's Tiles!

1. Vapour ORganic BEauty 

If You have followed me for any time at all you will know that I absolutely adore Vapour Beauty - so I was delighted when they offered to send a sample box of products for me to try.

My faves in their range that I have used to date are the Atmosphere foundation and I have tried various lip glosses over the time.

Included in my little intro pack came my new fave pictured left. I am now TOTALLY IN LOVE with the Elixir Gloss in Bitten. This rich gloss has loads of pigment that can be built to a beautiful Ruby shade. (It is looking a bit darker on my screen though I tried to balance the colour as best I could - in real life it is like a deep plummy red shde, but not as dark as a wine tone) The Colour and finish last quite well and is really comfortable on the lips. The gorgeous luscious finish is perfect for the Holiday season. Pair with a really clean eye or one of the highlighters for a clean, but glowy look

This Brilliance Highlighter is a bestseller, and I do like it but use it sparingly. If I am honest, I find the shimmer particles a little big for everyday use, but are well suited for evenings or occasions. I really love it on medium to darker skin tones. It is also beautiful on the collar bones and decolletage.

The Stratus primer I am learning to love. I really did not understand the product at first - is it a highlighter? Do I apply in Before? After? Why is it so soft? What do I do? How does it work?

Well, I can tell you it is indeed a fantastic makeup base. Think of it as a soft stick that warms on your skin when applied and creates a smooth canvas on which to work. you can use it all over or just on areas where you may need some beauty-boosting like areas with large pores or fine lines. Go sparingly as a little goes a long way but layering too much may have the opposite than desired effect. Stratus comes in different tones for different skin types and is central to the Vapour "Lit from Within" Philosophy - A company after my own heart.

2. The Balms

BYBI Beauty Babe Balm is the cult product created by The Clean Beauty Co. Founders Elsie + Dominika. This delicious balm is packed with Skin nourishing oils, waxes, butters and extracts so although it is also Shea Butter Based (which just does not work for me - more below) it is a rich balm with a beautiful finish, making it ideal as a treatment or as a skin perfector for work. I have used it to moisturise the face and lips, to stick glitter and to add gloss to the cheeks and brows.

Dr Paw Paw Shea Butter - I ended up with this tube because I met the founder pf Dr Paw Paw in the early fall - and I gave him a hard time about the original formula being mainly composed of Petrolatum ( a by-product of petrol - non renewable - a Green Beauty No-No ). But The brand have recently released a brand new formula using Shea Butter as the base. The result is a multi-use Paw Paw (papaya) balm that is all Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free, made in the UK. Paw Paw extract is known to have healing properties and is used the world-round in skincare.

Unfortunately, Shea Butter really does not work with my skin at all, so it was not great as a lip balm for me, but as a general balm worked fine.  However, I must say that it is a perfect solution for my on-set bag (my bag that keep with me at work for touch ups), as a general balm for dry skin, lips, cuticles etc. so it lives there happily.

3. Twelve BEauty Organic Skincare

Twelve Beauty was founded by one of the most fascinating men I have ever met. Pedro Catalá is a Botanist, Chemist, with advanced (I'm talking PhD) degree in Cosmetic Formulation. Who better than to create a high performing organic beauty brand??

TWELVE BEAUTY formulas are designed to protect and restore skin as it ages, improving skin functionality and promoting healthier skin – both inside and out. (Twelve Beauty Website)

As the name suggests, 12 Highly active, Ethically Sourced Natural Ingredients that are gentle on all skin types. See more on the Ingredients Here

I had the pleasure of trying the cleanser, lip oil and Serum.

My fave is definitely The Corrective Serum. Once or twice I applied it without following it up with a moisturiser and my skin felt comfortable and hydrated. No Moisturizer/face oil is really not an option for me in general. I have dry and dehydrated skin as a general rule.  I don't have particular problems with pigmentation (yet) but it runs in my family so get faint pigmentation areas from time to time.

The Cleanser I love. It is milkier than what I have been using in the past year, (I have been using a lot of cleansing balms) but I loved the creamy texture and the velvet feel of my skin upon removal with both water or a wet cloth. It did well even to remove my lighter mascara (Dr. HAuschka Purple) but I still needed a bit of rubbing for  my Go-To Black RMS Mascara (I have this with ALL Balm cleansers. Yes I should use a micellar water first. No I do not already. Yes I know I should - I do it on my clients but never on me. Yes I know)

I like the Lip Treatment Oil a lot, but for my lips/skin, it is not the perfect product. That Said, I really like it and continue to use it as a plumper and long-term Hydrator. However, In the colder weather, It was not "Balmy" or "Waxy" Enough for me. Really the only thing that works against severe drying and chapping for me is Pure Lanolin (but that's a different post)  It is indeed a good plumper and my lips feel conditioned and happy afterwards. I will continue to use it and it also makes a great gloss.

4. Neek Vegan Lipsticks

Neek are a vegan brand from Australia made of 100% Natural oils and waxes to moisturise and nourish the lips. The range is Vegan and of course cruelty free and has a gorgeous range of shades from pretty pink to a lovly 90's Brown (Mystify - looks darker in the photo, its the one in the middle). Kiss Me Kiss Me is a brighter pinker shade, that I think  Imight prefer in summer or on fairer skin tones, but for me of course anything I cant use goes in my kit! Friday on my mind is a good medium -suits anyone kind of tone.

The colours I tried begin sheer and can be built up for a stronger look. Expect a sheer satin finish, that can be built up, but the finish is defintiely not as strong or "Lipsticky" assome other brands. The lipsticks feel really comfortable to wear and come in bamboo and recycled packaging which I love. They are available from Love Lula and check out this review by Ana Goes Green for Swatches.

The Links above are mostly affiliate links, see Disclaimer for details. The Products reviewed were gifted to me, this has not affected my opinion nor my reviews. I was not asked to post an article, I have done so of my own choice.