Concealer Masterclass

A Step by Step Guide To Clever Cover Up

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Busy women are often tired women. And who is not a busy woman!?

Concealing dark circles around your eyes is both an art and science. When properly done, it can lift and brighten the face but badly applied concealer looks obvious and ageing.

But with so many products, it's hard to know what to choose, especailly if you are looking for natural and organic beauty.

Follow my simple Step by step Guide to make the best concealer choice!



Top Tip: its better too look a little tired than to have lots of makeup go cakey. remember: Less Is More

Step 1: What type of Circle do I have?

Identify how deep your circles are to make the best choice of coverage.

Texture of Concealer

Type of Dark Circle

  1. Liquid concealer - a thinner texture is fine to hide any shadows
  2. Cream Concealer - This may come in a pot or a stick
  3. Corrector + Concealer - Use the first product to neutralize the darkness and and the second to match your skintone.


  1. Light: A little shadow under the eye that only gets a bit darker if I am tired or not taking care of myself - concentrated on the inner corner of the eye
  2. Medium: A permanent light shadow under the eye that gets worse with tiredness, but is always a bit present
  3. Heavy: Permanent discolouration under the eye that gets worse with tiredness.

STEP 2: What Colour are your dark circles

Look in a mirror in daylight to find the colour of yu rdark circle, to best choose the undertone your concealer should have. you may have a mix of colours, just choose the dominant one. you may need a corrector if you have strong dark circles like mine which are Purple/ Brown. I use the Couleur Caramel Abricot + Hiro #12 but I also need to add a bit of extra foundation for full coverage.

concealer/corrector undertone colour

Dark Circle Colour

  1. Apricot
  2. Golden
  3. Neutral
  4. Yellow or Apricot
  5. Yellow
  6. Match Skin Tone
  1. Blue
  2. Lavender
  3. Pink
  4. Brown
  5. Purple
  6. White (yep, some people have a 'lack' of pigment under the eye)

Choose a Concealer  

Some of my favourite concealers - by category of coverage

Light Coverage Concealer

Medium Coverage Concealer

Full Coverage Concealer

Application Tips  

  1. Start by dabbing the corrector on the DEEPEST area of colour and work outwards.  I always apply the product on the inside corner near the nose, and blend to the outer edge of the eye socket, and up towards the lash-line. 
  2. Apply with a brush or your fingers and blend with your finger or a sponge
  3. It is always best to work in thin layers - especially if you need to layer corrector and concealer
  4. Powder lightly using a small fluffy brush or a small powder puff. If applying more than one layer, press the powder gently into th eskin, but avoid too much powder on the outer corners where the lines are.

Of Course, if all else fails, just throw some glitter under your eyes and call it concealer!!

Which Concealer have you tried?

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