Renew and Restore Your Skin

I originally wrote this post in January for my friend Zoe at Dress Like a Mum, all aboutskin-soothing comforts for winter. Many of you are still in the depths of the winter months and February in London has been so up and down weather-wise, I thought I might share it with you.  Here are my Top Three ways to restore and revive your skin.

  1. Restorative Masks: I love the Dr Hauschka Rejuvinating Mask, for its lovely scent gentle feel, I always feel refreshed after this mask.  The Anne Semonin Gel Mask is a bit more of an investment, but feels absolutely fabulous on. Its soothing and refreshing and skin really feels plump afterwards, a little goes a long way and the packaging ensures longevity of the product. I also really love the Nügg Beauty Revitalising Mask I got in my last Little Known Box, it really tingles and I was not too sure after the first use, but after the second try my skin felt and looked softer and plumper, and the peppermint oil definitely improves circulation. ( my only thing is I find the packaging a bit wasteful for home use but great on the road or as little gifts)
  2. Balm Masks: This is the time for some heavy hitters in the moisturising department. I like using the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm really thinly applied all over my face and leaving it on for 15 minutes as a mask before removing. I also like using Weleda Skinfood as a moisture mask. I warm the cream up in my palms, and then press it on my face after cleansing as a night cream. I also get some dry patches on my face and use the Evolve Lip Balm to soothe and hydrate. Also try the Pai Skincare Rosehip Mask for a lifting boost to dull and dehydrated skin!

  3. Oils + Serums Combo: I Love mixing an Oil and serum for a super charged skin boost, especially at night. Try the Evolve Beauty Miracle Oil, and their Hyaluronic Serum has had amazing reviews. My favourite is the Sukin Chia Seed Oil +  Supergreen Serum which work really well together for a plumping, hydrating effect. Also by Sukin I love Their Rosehip oil + Firming Serum as a Combo (I love Sukin because they are accessible and have really great ethics) Rose Hip is the Ant Ageing Ingredient du jour being full of essential fats and Anti Oxidants fighting Free Radicals which cause Ageing.


Photo Of Sujin by Tiff Mumford, style by Chloe Forde, Makeup by Me