The Awesome Non-Toxic Vegan Makeup You'll Love

My Philosphy and Green Beauty

When it comes to Green Beauty, there are many practices and ethics for people to consider, and it is up to each of us to choose what issues are close to our hearts. Our Principles and Morals will guide how we shop. As a Green Beauty Makeup Artist, I mix many products in my kit, as for me it is the over all ethics of the brand and it's environmental stance that interests me. See My Ethos for a clear description of the choices I make.

I recently worked with actress Lauren McCroskie, who as a Vegan was interested in Vegan Cosmetics and particularly Lip Care.  I knew I had a few bits in my kit, but needed to double check my brands which inspired this post! 

Cruelty Free v. Vegan Beauty

Cruelty Free Means not tested on animals, while Vegan Makeup/Beauty is to contains NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS or by-products such as Honey, Beeswax, Lanolin, gelatin or the like.  

I think that As A Green Beauty MUA, although my kit is not always Exclusively clean, I try to incorporate as many Ethical Practices and Philosophes into my kit. At minimum the products I choose are Cruelty Free, but I tend to look for Low or Non Toxic Cosmetics, preferably of high Natural and Organic content and Certified in some way by an independent body.

Online retailers such as LoveLula  Content Beauty, Glow Organic , The Detox Market,, AMAZINGY , Flourish Beauty and  Sujet de Vert offer Search options for Vegan Products or Makeup, making shopping much easier.

Vegan Makeup Brands

I have concentrated on Makeup as although I am obsessed with Skin Care , I am more specialised in makeup and I feel that Is the list you need from me. So if you are looking for Vegan Green Beauty, have a look at these brands, but do check the ingredients of individual products just to be sure. Click on the brand name to shop their page.


Recognized by the Vegan Society UK, Inika are a great go to brand for a variety of reliable colours, shads and textures across their whole range. They can be purchased online or at many local or Large Chain health food stores


My favourite product in their Makeup Range are their little shadow kits and palettes, that are lovely and easy to use and convenient for travel. And randomly, they have really gentle but wonderful Cocnut Water Makeup remover Wipes that are nice and moist and really lovely and a range of very pretty and ethereal nail polish colours!

PHB Ethical Beauty

This Little British brand has big credentials and a complete range of health and beauty products.  They are Vegan registered and give 15% of their profits to charity. They are Handmade in the UK, so what is not to love? They even have little kits and palettes for conveninece. I have known about them and recommended them before because I hear great things, but have not had a chance to really test the range proffesionally.


When I grow up, I want to be an Axiology Founder. This BEAUTIFUL and edgy American brand lives and Breathes its philosophy and Has a fantastic product to boot! The lipsticks are highly pigmented and the packaging recyled and sexy. They are available in Select Boutiques around the world and widely available online form their own or regional stores. 

Lippy Girl

Shout Out to my Canadian Sisters Doin' It and Doin' It and Doin' it WELL. Lippy Girll creates High Quality Vegetarian and Vegan Products, and also do Clever Sets of Eyeshadows and offer you a Z palette as well!  They are also Available from many Online Stockists

Ere Perez

Is a beautiful cult brand creating easy to use clean makeup. The Collection and packaging are simple and lovely, and the products are easy to use and I love that they make Lip Bars not Lip Sticks. Conveniently, they even offer "Vegan Packs" Collections suitable for vegan on their website! Genius!

Zao Makeup

Zao are a lovely Natural and Organic brand with strong ethics in production, from ingredients to packaging. No Petrochemicals, Talc, Nano particles or other nasties. The Packaging is made from Bamboo, and many products come in "Refill" options to further the use of a single package. .Not All their products are Vegan, but many are, as certified by The Vegan Society.

Elate Clean Cosmetics

This Canadian Brand also uses Bamboo Packaging and has strong ethics, making all their products in Canada, and are Vegan, Toxin Free, and of course Cruelty Free. They have a great range of Shadows that are soft and velvety but with punch.

Brands With Products Suitable for Vegans

Some Brands are not fully Vegan but have certain products within their ranges that are suitable for Vegans. Here is my top selection:

Cover Image by Simon Wisbey for Amaella Lingerie. All rights Reserved. Hair and makeup by me

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