Brand Focus: Elate Cosmetics

I discovered Green Beauty Brand Elate Cosmetics while visiting my home town of Montreal last year and I made a big order from Online Eco-Retailer The Green Jungle Beauty Shop. This Pretty little Ethical Makeup company is based in Victoria, Canada, where they lovingly create Vegan, Cruelty Free, Non Toxic and Gluten Free Makeup.

The Elate Mission

At Elate Cosmetics, our mission is to care for each other, our communities, and our world. Through healthy ingredients, sustainable practices, and wellness minded goals, we strive to build confidence through kindness, and allow you to create your own standard of beauty. We value spirit, kindness, wellness, community, and authenticity.

This is one of the most lovely and complete mission statements I have seen, and I love that they encourage their clients to view the makeup routine as a Self Care Ritual.

about elate cosmetics

Elate Clean Cosmetics is a Green Beauty Brand specializing in Mineral makeup.  Elate have a full complement of Products, from Foundations in several textures to Eye shadows and Lip colours.  To minimize on packaging, they offer Bamboo palettes to purchase, and all the Pressed Powder Makeup comes in adorable Seed Paper which you can plant. They offer handy pre-made "Beauty Kits" providing you with a Capsule Makeup Collection.

Everything about Elate Cosmetics is well thought out and seeks to be as kind and ethical as possible. The Bamboo Packaging is from China where they work with a Certified Fair Trade Manufacturer and is Water ( not Chemically) treated. As for their Organic Credentials : Our ingredients are about 90% organic. We strive to make our ingredients as organic as possible but will always choose fair trade over organic if we are unable to have both. It is important to us that every person involved in the making of our cosmetics is treated ethically and fairly. (Elate FAQ page)


elate Cosmetics bloom Collection

I was sent the most Recent Makeup Collection: BLOOM which has just been released for Spring.  I was also sent some extra bits to play with, including a fabulous Bamboo Palette, which was very kind (Thank you Melodie!)

My first stand out product was the Mascara (made with Natural waxes and oils see ingredients HERE). Mascara is a tough one for me, as it often smudges under the eyes no matter what the formula. So far only RMS Beauty Mascara has lasted - See Why I love it HERE)

The Collection is not what I would Calla traditional Spring Palette, with lots of repetitive pastels. In fact, I would say the powder colours are almost Autumnal, but with the pops of Lip Colour, the collection is Unique and way more Time less and "Season-less" than a classic Spring Collection.

The Bloom Collection consists of a Trio of eye shadows, a Blush, 3 Lipsticks, a Lip gloss and a Loose Eyeshadow:


Union - A Matte Ivory

Verdant - A shimmery Emerald

Cinder - A light Grey Brown (Great Eyebrow color actually)

Also Pictured here is Light Tangerine Blush 'Titian' which is GORGEOUS. I know from experience 9with their Blush 'Desire') that a little goes a long way and because there are no extraneous Binding Ingredients, a lot of product comes off on the brush quickly, so tread lightly, a little goes a long way and I recommend a very soft brush of fine bristles.

The Lip Colours in the Collection are a fantastic:

Blaze - A Poppy Red closer to Orange

Bloom - A Soft Warm Pink

Blush - A Pretty Mauve

Belle - a Warm Pink, similar in Colour to Bloom, but with a lovely glossy finish and Pepperminty scent.




Makeup Looks Using the Bloom Collection

For Look 1, I applied Union all over as a base shadow, then created an outer corner and crease first with Cinder and then blended Verdant over it, using a very classic eye technique. I felt the look was a bit "dead" on my skin tone, so lifted the area under my brow bone with a quick sweep of Titan above my crease and re highlighted right under my eyebrow with Union.

I swiped Titian on my cheekbones and opted for Blaze Lipstick for this First Look.  The texture is really creamy, and the colour is light and buildable.






Look 3

Look 3


For LOOK 2 I decided to deepen the Emerald colour and blended Verdant over the whole lid, which I must say, I really like over my brown eye. The colour has a soft shimmer and Tealy-Blue undertones and is really lovely. Full Disclosure: It did crease a bit by then end of the day, but I would try it again with a Primer.

Here I have Layered Bloom and Belle for a Creamy Pink Look. This is a lovely Evening Look (Maybe not with a Denim shirt)





For Look 3, I used Blush Lip Colour, which is an Amuthys Mayve that I think would be flattering on almost everyone. It goes slightly Rose on me, and I chose to wear this look for my meeting today.

The textures of the lipsticks are really comfortable and moisturising, with an average wear time.

Makeup Tricks

Paragon is the loose eye shadow that is part of the Bloom Collection. This lovely little twinkle Powder is great for your usual highlights, but I did a little MUA trick with it:  I just rubbed some on with the tip of my finger, immediately after my face oil/moisturiser on the tops of my cheekbones and cupids; bow, for and 'Inner Glow' effect. My skin was still dewy and the powder blended perfectly into my skincare. I then applied my Foundation on top.

Belle Lip Gloss is a really pretty shade that is halfway between a gloss and a Liquid lipstick. Made with moisturising oils and shea butter, you could dab it on your cheeks for a rosy dewy effect.