6 Green Beauty Products I have tested for you

To give you the best Green Beauty News, I am always attempting to write in-depth posts for you, especially for us Lovelies above the age of 30 (and ahem,... 40) who are interested in Beauty, but want a bit more than Eye-Candy.

That said, I realize that sometimes I need to keep it short and sweet, to give you what most other beauty blogs deliver: Product Reviews.

I have been fortunate enough to try several Green Beauty Products recently, and they deserve a bit of attention, so here they are, my intros to some Beauty Products, along with my honest reviews.

Merumaya Retinol Resurfacing Treatment

Let's start at the beginning: Merumaya is not stricktly Speaking a Green Brand but more on that below. In the meantime:

I have tried the Retinol Resurfacing Treatment at Night for about 10 days and have definitely seen a difference. The texture is that of a mid-wieght facial lotion and comes in a punp bottle.

I occasionaly get 2 dry patches on my face that last for weeks. I had them when I began using this product and they had disappeared within 2 days not to return. My skin is soft and I like the feel of both my skin and the product. At night I mix it with an Oil... because I mix everything with an oil... but it has changed my skin for the better since I started using it.

Green Credentials: Merumaya make no claims to be a Green Company, but the Ingredients they use seem to be reasonably clean + conscious. They use many natural Oils and Botanicals, Are Mainly Vegan and do not test on animals.  However PARFUM is one of their ingredients: not Ideal if you are looking for a Clean Brand. I chose to include these products as the company has other redeeming factors and as a small science-based brand, I felt it has earned some attention, especially considering I am pleased with the product.

Update May 12: Although the product worked well for me for a while, I have taken a little break because I dont think it is continuing to do anything, becuase I don think I need it. I will return to it in a week or 2 to see if it changes anything.

Merumaya Lip Line Restoration Treatment


I was very skeptical about the claims of this little tube, but was quickly impressed.  I actually only applied it to the right side of my top lip so I had something to compare it to. I am quite a skeptical by nature but I really think that this product worked. I will be honest, I have a slightly deeper furrow on the top right cupid's bow that was unchanged, but I feel like the rest of the lip was left just a bit fuller and that the edge of the lip, and was smoother to the touch. I think The Lip LineRestoration Treatment is a good solution for mild lines around the mouth, or as a good option to prevent lipstick "bleeding" that actually treats the problem of fine lines. It is great before lipstick.

Merumaya is available Online and from certain retailers.

Update May 12: I have really enjoyed using this product and though I don't think it has fundamentally changed my lips, I do however find it really works to plum the lip line for the first few hours.


Benecos Ibiza Nights Bronzer

Benecos is a very affordable Clean Makeup Line, hailing from Germany, Certified with mainly Natural and Some Organic
Ingredients, and many of their products are Vegan as well.  This Bronzer is a two-tone, Pink Blush + Warm Bronzer.

I will say that as a more affordable line, the powder feels a bit denser and "thicker" and the pigment can stick a little. The color seems quite Warm to me, but I like the matte texture and the Rose color.  I think on a skintone lighter than mine, it would appear Orange, so fair skin tones beware.

That said, it is the perfect Bronzer for Olive skin tones.


Two of by Green Beauty Staples come together: I love Green People and Weleda . Both Product Ranges have a wide variety of Organic + Natural skincare/ bodycare, Both brands have been a household name for years, from baby products to body oils and sunscreens.  That is why I decided to put them together in this post. Though very different Pedigrees, Both brands have exceptional ethical credentials and both are expanding their Colour Cosmetics (Weleda just started)

Green People have Launched the Velvet Matte Lipstick (get 15% off using code NUDEOBSESSION at checkout until 30/04/17).

The colour I received to try is 'Damask Rose' which is described as a"Universally flattering" shade, athough the color alone appeared a bit light on me. I then paired it with the Weleda Berry Tinted Lip Balm.  I will disclaim that the Lipstick goes on a little dry, although once it warms on your lips, the Natural Oils (Certified and 18.5% Organic, 100% Natural) and waxes kick it to keep it soft. The Primer (67% Organic) available with the Velvet Matte is a type of lip balm, more than a primer, and gives a sheerer finish to the Matte Lipstick.  I really like the scent of the Lipstick!

The Weleda Tinted Lip balm comes in Rose and Nude as well. The colours are sheer and have a soft sheen to them. They are VERY natural and subtle, perfect for every day wear. 

However, the tinted balm contains Shea Butter: For reasons I really don't know, Shea Butter does not work or me. Unfortunately, it dehydrates my skin and lips... so although I love the colours of the tinted balms, I have popped the straight in my kit.

Maria Nila Argan Oil

Maria Nila Stockholm Are a Haircare Brand from Sweden, with Strong Ethical and Environmental Beliefs. They are Vegan and Cruelty Free and Carbon Compensated, and specialise in Colour Protection Haircare. They have a really large range of products for all sorts of concerns, and this is part of the True Soft range to revitalise dry hair with Argan Oil.

It is a lovely serum type product that can be used on Wet or dry Hair and left my hair feeling... Soft. I look forward to trying the styling products a bit further. I am glad I was given this range to try as it seems quite performing but I do find it annoying that the full ingredient list is not online, and I am not sure about the Aerosol Cans for their styling sprays. If Animas are your thing, Maria Nila are Vegan and both PETA and Leaping Bunny Approved.  I will try more and get back to you.


I was given the products shown here, but this does not affect my opinions in any way. I will always give Honest Reviews. This Post also Contains some Affiliate Links

Update May 12, I really like this product and I am a big fan of the Maria Nila Range in General for work it is great for my kit when I need big hold and more complex styling products!