Brand Focus: Ilia Beauty

An Introduction to Ilia Beauty

From the moment I first discovered Green Beauty Brand Ilia Beauty a few years ago, I fell in love. The colours are beautiful, the textures smooth and the packaging sleek and recycled. I have been wanting to do a Brand Focus Feature for a while, so here is a little introduction to Ilia Beauty, a beautiful Organic Brand I reccomend for both personal and professional use.  The products are all of very high quality, blending well and easy to use, with a beautiful finish every time.


Ilia Beauty is a Green Beauty Brand founded in 2011 by Sacha Plavsic that began with 6 Tinted Lip Balms and grew to a 40 piece makeup range in 2 years, and has continued to expand since then. Sacha's background was in branding which led her to focus on the Aesthetic of Ilia Beauty's look as well as ensuring ethical ingredients and practices from start to finish.

The Collection is simple and clean, and is Practical in design. Most Products are cream-based and housed in tubes and sticks.  It is definitely a more premium brand witha higher price point, but it has the ingredients, formulations and the performance to match.  The Products are made with natural ingredients, many of them Organic. The Organic Content Percentage does vary greatly in the products, but is clearly stated in the Ingredients section. Ilia has Clean Beauty and Ethics at its core, and many of the Products are Vegan. The quality of the product is mirrored in its packaging:

Our skin is our largest organ, and can absorb just about anything we put to its surface. ILIA is formulated with this in mind, and dedicated to creating the purest products possible. The ethical-sustainable approach embodied in each piece is filled with certified organic bio-active botanicals that nourish and rejuvenate the skin.
The quality of the product is mirrored in its packaging. All cream lip products are housed in a sleek recycled aluminum case. Each product is filled with up to 85% bioactive organic ingredients
— Ilia Website

Ilia Beauty Organic Makeup Collection

Below you will find an overview of the collection and my opinions on the products I have been able to try, but my Favourite products  are the Vivid Foundation, the Multi Sticks, the Lipsticks and the Eye Shadow Sticks, read on to see why.



Ilia Beauty have 2 types of Foundation: Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturiser + Vivid Foundation .  Both are water based and have a light texture. The Tinted Moisturiser is very Fine and offers a sheer wash of colour. I even sometimes layer it with the Vivid Foundation to get a really Flawless finish. The Vivid Foundation offers more coverage and a soft matte finish. I do find it a little bit "Dry" and often use a face oil underneath for a smooth application and a bit of moisture to help with blending. I lov the foundation for its smooth and even coverage without a very 'makeupy' feel.  But I will say again that it has a dryer texture as it is water based, so good skincare underneath is imperative for dry skin, but it is a brilliant foundation option for Oilier skin.

 I mostly apply it with a brush and either blend it with a Beauty Blender Sponge or Buff it with a Kabuki-style Brush.  For Myself however, I tend to just use my fingers. Be sure to give the bottle/tube a good shake before application, and remember that if you need more coverage in certain areas, pat the foundation rather than swipe it.  The Vivid Concealer is light cream in a tube that has light-medium coverage, without getting dry. It comes in a good range of shades, with mainly warm undertones.


Ilia also has beautifully fine Mineral Powder with which to set makeup. The Vivid Foundation actually sets very well on its own and with its matte finish, would only really need powdering around the eye and mouth. I would however apply a light dusting of powder onto the tinted moisturizer just for a little bit of extra setting.  You can also Purchase Refillable Pre-Packed Brushes that conveniently hold the powder within the casing. The Powder is blended with oils and extracts (How? .. I have no idea!) to moisturise and soothe skin. Ilia have also released Moondance, a self-Contained Powder Brush with SPF 20 (it is just being re-released so you may need to wait for stock)

Cheeks + Lips

the Multi-Stick

I have raved on and on about the multi stick ( see articles here + here ), especially the Highlighters. The Ilia Beauty Multi Sticks come in Cheek + Lip colours like Tenderly ( a soft Pink ) or I Put A Spell On You ( a gentle Tangerine), as well as in deeper Berry tones like "A Fine Romance" and "At Last" . All of them have lots of pigment in a sheer base so you can create a really light subtle look by just dabbing a bit on the apples or build up the colour for a brighter look, for and evening occasion for example. I use it straight from the stick and blend it with my fingers.

The Illuminator Multi-Sticks  are just Gorgeous for a subtle light at the top of the cheekbones and above the cupids bow. Cosmic Dancer, a soft gold colour, is my favourite, and you can see how I use it here . Polka Dots & Moon Beams is a cooler white/silver sheen that looks good on fairer skin tones but may make medium-tones look a bit ashy. I have also just had the chance to try Sway, a BEAUTIFUL bronze colour that even looks good on fair tones as a bronzer, but I have also used it as a type of 'contour' despite it having a soft sheen.

Lipsticks + Lip Glosses

Ilia Beauty Has several Categories of Lip Product: Crayons, Glosses and 2 types of Lipstick: a Tinted conditioner and a proper lipstick. The colours are rich and there is a great range of tones from Nude to Bright and Deep. The Tinted Lip conditioners are more sheer in colour, but can be built up for a stronger look. The finish does tend to stay shinier, so for a more Velvetfinish, definately opt for the Lipsticks, though some shades still remain glossier and more sheer. I have not had a chance to try to Lip Crayons for long wear, but the bright colours give a gentle wash over the lips but hold a strong pigment.  The lip glosses are sheer and also range from nude to bright and the Lip Rance includes 2 Treatemnts: A Lip Balm and Lip Exfoliator.


shadow sticks + Eyeliners

Ilia have a range of really convenient eyeshadow crayons that blend out beautifully and are really easy to use. The shadow sticks can be used on their own,  in combination with each other, or I often layer them with a powder eye shadow for extra depth, like RMS Beauty swift shadows , Lily Lolo Palettes, (Ilia do have pressed shadows in quad palettes but they have not yet launched in the UK) My only slightly negative point is that I have noticed that sometimes the shimmer pigment breaks away in the shade Perfect Day. I am LOVING the shade Take On Me , a burgundy pink, that looks intense in the stick but blends beautifully and easily and looks great just blended above the crease, which gives a bright and healthy look. The Pure Eyeliner comes in 6 shades and is highly pigmented, gliding on smoothly and easily.


I have not had the opportunity to try the Ilia Mascara besides in store so I am not sure how it lasts for a full day or evening. It comes in several colours including Brown, black and even a grey, and the brush is a brilliant Assymetrical shape that can lengthen and separate or add more volume, depending which side you use. I did receive their Mascara in Macao, a wonderful warm golden Brown. It is not a great colour for me as I have quite dark lashes naturally,  it I can't wait to try I it on a natural blonde! It's a great colour for a softer look or for Fun!

I encourage you to try this brand if you have not already, I am sure you will not be disappointed.  Please feel free to ask me any questions before you purchase if you need some guidance

Cover Image by Simon Wisbey for FAO Millinery - My Makeup using several brands. Lips a Mixture of Ilia Beauty Voilà + Perfect Day