4 Trendy Looks using Organic Makeup

Green Beauty is not Boring.

Green Beauty can be Fun and Fashionable and my mission is to show you. I want to inspire you to clean up your makeup bag and show you that you can easily be Green and On Trend at the same time.

Here are some great fashion looks created with my favourite Natural/Organic/Cruelty Free/ Vegan (basically Clean Makeup ) Brands. and some tips on how I achieved the look for you to recreate whether at home or as a professional.

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Blurred Lip

This look has been around since 2013 and was huge last season, but we are still seeing it around. I really wanted to use it for the FAO Millinery Campaign shoot because the Makeup looks were quite minimal with just Bold lips as a pop of colour, and I thought the blurred lip would be a bit more visually interesting.

In this shot I created the blurred lip using one of my favourite lipstick brands: Absolution Cosmetics. The Sweet and Safe Kiss Lipstick range was created by Marillon Cotillards' MUA Christophe Danchaud. The pigments are beautiful, bold, bright and true, and the smooth texture in the bullet warms on the skin and turns to a soft velvet matte that does not dry the lip. 

Image by Simon Wisbey for FAO Millinery, Model: Betty Jacobsson

Image by Simon Wisbey for FAO Millinery, Model: Betty Jacobsson

Creating the Lip Look

I first prepared Betty's lips with Lip Balm and wiped of the excess. Then I 'cleaned'  the edge of the lips with some foundation ( I used Vapour + Kjaer Weiss here) on a small concealer brush, so that the lip shape would be defined in an imperfect way, and any freckles or discolouration on the lip line would be concealed.

First I used My Signature 'dry brush' technique to colour the middle of the lip. This is a technique is use to create a soft wash of colour using a highly pigmented grease product like lipstick. Rememeber stencelling from the '90's? When you used a TINY bit of Paint on a wide firm but soft brush to create a pattern on a wall - Same thing.  I use a soft fluffy brush with the Tiniest amount of product. I swiped the lightest bit of Absolution Sweet + Safe Kiss in Rouge Bordeaux all over keeping the lip shape true.

I then lightly brushed on a second coat of the burgundy lip color, mainly in the middle pf the lip shape, being careful not to bring the color all the way to edge. Finally I used Axiology Lipstick in Infinte to add extra depth to the center of the lip, giving a slightly reverse Ombré effect. I did this by dipping the end of my Organic Cotton Bud into the Lipstick and just rubbing the middle of the bottom lip.

Nail colour by Little Ondine

Pastel Eyes

Soft pastels are always popular in Spring, So for the SS17 Trilogy Stores Campaign, we paired the most Beautiful Flower Garland from Friend of Faux (a beautiful False Flower company renting their garlands for shoots and events, cutting on the waste of the Fresh Flower industry) with Cool Denim and Bright Pastel Pink Eyeshadow ( I know -  bright pastel is an oxymoron - But you know what I mean!)


Layers of Pink Eye shadow

To get the intensity of the colour around Model Heloise's eyes, I needed to layer different products. First, I began with a soft wash of Absolution Sweet +  Safe kiss in Rose Petale ( same brand as above). I then dusted on some Dr Hauschka Pink Eyeshadow  ( I actually have a now discontinued version of the pink shadow). I also applied The Pink from the Lily Lolo Smoke and Mirrors Palette

But the biggest pop of pink came from my Sugar Venom Cosmetics Monroe Eyeshadow

This loose Pigment Mineral eyeshadow is a bright pink, think classic bubble gum colour. I patted the pigment on gently with a flat eyeshadow brush to ensure the color would stay bright and really pop.

A really good trick for loose eye shadow is to wet your brush and paint the pigment on for a strong colour payoff.

Photo by Charlotte Kibbles for Trilogy Stores

Photo by Charlotte Kibbles for Trilogy Stores

Glossy eye lids

I love Glossy Eyes and even more so with a bit of colour. I created this sexy look on Whinnie Williams for the Mercer 7 Spring Campaign. Here Eye shape lends itself superbly to this technique because she has lovely big doe eyes .

I pressed my favorite Pigment Golden Mocha by W3ll People
 onto Whinnie's eyelids and blended well to work the pigment into the skin. I then dabbed a bit of Burts Bees Lip Shine in Spontenaity in the middle of her eyelid.

Sadly the W3ll People Colour is discontinued but RMS Swift Shadows Tempting Touch are a BEAUTIFUL and Perfect alternative!


Tribe Vibe

90's Aztec Patterns were HUGE last fall and I wanted to create a simple, edgy and editorial look of this creative shoot. Model Demi has beautiful skin that I simply prepped with Weleda Almond Moisturiser and Almond Face Oil I then corrected lightly using Vapour Stick Foundation

I wanted her cheeks to look naturally flushed and ruddy as if she had just been outdoors, so rubbed in a bit of Bite Beauty Cashew Multi stick onto Demi's Cheeks.  Bite is difficult to get in the UK, so try Kjaer Weis Embrace or Elede Lip + Cheek Rush

But he star of the show is the simple graphic patterns simply drawn onto the face. In this image I Used the 3ina kajal pencl in white because it it is what I had to hand. For more organic options, try very affordable Benecos Kajal Eyeliner in White 

Simply draw on the desired pattern keeping lines clean, crisp and straight with he help of Some Eye Makeup Remover and a Cotton Bud. 

If the Eye Pencil is too Hard or dry feeling, try warming it a bit by rubbing onto your hand, or gently passing the crayon through the top of a flame of a candle. This will soften the natural oils making the pencil glide better for a smoother look.

Photo by Simon Wisbey

Photo by Simon Wisbey


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