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Absolution Cosmetics + Organic Skincare is a French Beauty brand focused on practical skincare solutions that are easy to use, effective to suit anyone, with any skin type, at any age.  They also carry a range of Makeup that includes skin colour and lipsticks (which I am in love with) and will soon be expanding into other products, so keep and eye out.

Absolution was born in 2009 when founder Isabelle Caron decided to create a product line that was ecologically and socially conscious, beautiful and effective, with strong moral ethics and philosophy of production and creation.

Absolution goes far beyond the requirements of their Ecocert certification, creating products that are 99% natural with on average 50% organic content.  Absolution Products also contain uncertifiable Wild cultivation extracts, minerals and other natural botanicals and derivatives, carefully sourced and worked. The beautiful and very clever packaging boasts individual designs printed with plant-based inks on recycled and/or recyclable card.  The Absolution commitment to ethics and ecology runs through their entire creation and production process and Absolution donate 2% of their profits to CARE and international charity dedicated to helping vulnerable communities around the world. Certainly everything youneed to be a Beauty by Tahira Approved brand.

The Makeup

I am starting with the makeup because it is how I first discovered Absolution and I am absolutely in love with their lipsticks ( I seriously go on and on about them).  

The Absolution makeup range consists of a range of lipsticks and Skin Tone Perfector.  I fell in love with the lipsticks the second I met them. Created with Chirstophe Danchaud (Makeup Artist to Marillon Cotillard, Audrey Tautou, Keira Knightly and all the biggest beauty campaigns in the world)

The Sweet and Safe Kiss Lipsticks come in 6 Bright Velvet matte Shades and 3 translucent shades to add a hint of brightness to your lips. All Lipsticks are created using natural waxes and oils for nourishment and protection like Caranuba wax and Castor Oil.  The colours range from a classic rose to deep burgundy via a poppy red. I love these lipsticks because the colour payoff is fantastic as well as the texture and the colour lasts, without creating dry flakes that often plague more matte lip colours.

For now, the skin Perfector La Creme du Teint, only comes in Light and Medium, but hopefully more shades will be out soon. Thankfully Absolution has not named their products using weird letter pairings (BB., CC DD etc) and simply call the product what it is: Makeup + Care. Think of it as tinted skincare, or skincare that includes a light pigment for a perfected but natural finish, allowing the skin to shine through, and it is suitable for Vegans.  The medium tone would suit me in the winter but is a bit pale in summer.

Le Baume is an Organic lip and rescue balm, conveniently packaged in a chubby stick so that it can be used any where that needs a moisture boost. Apply to the cheeks for a lovely dewy finish, and to the lips for hydration and protection. keep it in your handbag in the winter moths to soothe sore windburned skin. Classic moisturising butters and oils like Shea and jojoba are combined with more exotic ingredients like Perilla oil from the Middle East which has a high Omega content, perfect for protecting and nourishing.


Targeted Skincare

Absolution has a full range of organic skincare based on a philosophy of simple effective care, that works for anyone at any age. The Range has all the basics of cleansers and moisturizers, but I find their targeted care the most interesting.  With a range of specialized serums and boosters, Absolution have a treatment for a large variety of skin concerns, treating them with Organic and Natural extracts of some of the most active plants and botanicals.

La Solution + Eclat is a boosting Serum designed to lift your completion, to create a smooth radiant look. As soon as I tried it my skin went red for a moment as the actives absorbed and calmed instantly. My skin felt fresh and moisturised, ready for makeup, with a new 'life' to it from a boost in circulation. Its Vegan Friendly formula includes Prickly Pear extract, known for its anti-inflamatory propeties

La Creme de Sante is a new addition to the collection and perfect summer skin solution. The light Gel formula absorbs instantly and provides lasting hydration, and is much lighter than a normal moisturiser, but with Prebiotics, Coconut Oil and and carefully chosen botanical extracts, it is designed to balance the flora and Ph of your skin, nourishing your skin with elements necessary for a healthy glow.

La Creme Anti-Soif also has the texture of a serum, and is very light and quick absorbing. This is a perfect solution for Oily skin, especially in the heat of the summer months. La Creme Anti-Soif contains Fucocert, a polysaccharide plant known for its antioxidant and moisturizing power that are greater than hyaluronic acid, will also calm reactive skin while Elderberry extract stimulates skin superficial microcirculation and protects capillaries for an even skin tone. 

La Solution Anti Age is the perfect cocktail of ingredients to ensure youthful plump skin. The serum contains Acerola, a wild berry with a high concentrate in Vitamin C (20 times more than an orange) stimulates collagen production, leaving skin firmer, as well as Spirulina, rich in vegetable proteins, amino acids, minerals (iron, magnesium) and vitamins (A, B12) with energizing, revitalizing and antioxidant properties

Le Soin du Regard is an eye treatment containting tourmaline giving it a slight pearl finish to lift the under eye area, it also contains caffeine for firming and regeneratating. It helps reduce any puffiness and may help to reduce dark circles. I loved the texture and my concealer sat beautifully on top of it! I will have a hard time not keeping it for myself but I think it will photograph beautifully.


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