Superior skincare: Vanderohe no 1 Nourishing Face Serum

The Nourishing Face Serum

 Vanderohe No 1 Nourishing Face Serum is a concentrated blend of Oils that seek not only to improve your skin’s appearance and tone but provide you with a lovely aromatherapeutic experience as well.

Olivia’s journey to creating Vanderohe no 1 Serum came from a history of skin conditions and a keen interest in organic and natural beauty.

The product itself is a very highly concentrated oil, with no diluting ingredients, so is more like a serum in its intensity, despite actually being a mixture of oils. Only a few drops are required twice daily to experience the benefit.

The whole experience of Vanderohe Serum is exquisitely designed and curated. The information insert has been beautifully illustrated with Botanical drawings, delicately sketched to inform the reader of the provenance and properties of each plant.  The feel of the oil is rich and smooth, only requiring 2-3 drops for the whole face (including eye area)

Certified Organic Ingredients

The 11 ingredients were chosen for their respective properties and sourced from the purest and most ethical and fair farms in the world.   On the choice of Organic and Wild Crafted ingredients.

We are choosing oils whose farming helps to build soil fertility, minimise pollution and damage to the environment, respecting animal welfare and avoid all chemical additives. Establishing that your skincare oil has been certified organic and pure is the best safeguard you can make to ensure that you don’t fall victim to the many unscrupulous practices that go on in the beauty industry.
— Olivia Thorpe

Each ingredient has been chosen for its skin healing and aromatherapy properties. Here is a brief description but more can be found on the Vanderohe Website

* Rose Otto Oil

This luxurious oil repairs broken capillaries and is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent

* Frankincense Essential Oil

This oil promotes skin cell regeneration as well as protecting existing cells from damage.

* Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Helps reduce the appearance of scarring and pigmentation and congested and inflamed skin.

* Neroli Essential Oil

Helps shrink pores and is an excellent emollient

* Wild Crafted Myrrh

Soothing to irritated skin it also reduces the appearance of fine lines.

* Apricot Kernel Oil

High levels of Antioxidants characterise this ultra nourishing oil

* Grapeseed Oil

Rich in Flavinoids, these encourage Collagen Production

* Rosehip Oil

Rich in Vitamins C and E which improve the appearance of skin and pigmentation.

* Cedarwood Essential oil

Tightens pores and regulates sebum production

* Rose Geranium Oil

Strong healing properties help with improving the appearance of scarring.

* Lavender Oil

Works to inhibit bacteria that can lead to breakouts


The Results

I am not going to lie, I know my skin is in relatively good condition for a 40-plus person (I am a very lucky gal), but I still saw a difference. I have 2 notorious dry patches on my face (previously been corrected by the Vitamin A in Merumaya as described here - I still use it twice weekly at night) however, my skin got a bit used to the product and the dry patches reappeared with the change of season.

I have been using Vanderohe for 2 weeks now and I can see a difference in my skin. I have been pairing it with a Hyaluronic Acid serum for maximum hydrating results for my dehydrated skin.  My skin is clearer and the patch of visible pores at the tops of my cheeks is reduced. I have also noticed that the lines on my forehead that are a little ‘crepey’ appear softer and smoother, and I have not been waking up with tight skin in the morning.

I have also used it as a base for makeup on models at work and I assure you the results are smooth skin perfectly balanced for makeup application.

As mentioned above I am using the Evolve Beauty HA Serum as well which is also helping. I definitely feel my skin a bit “Fuller” or “plumper” after application of these 2 serums together.

I recommend the Vanderohe serum for anyone above the age of 30 - 35 to see the most distinctive results. For younger people, I would recommend it if you have particular skin with sensitivities or issues and need a pure healing oil, but feel free to contact the brand directly if you are unsure.

Vanderohe Serum does come with a bit of a price tag, but I think it is totally worth it. I honestly do not write positively about products don’t feel good about, so you can trust me on this.  I will say again that I did not fully use the product on its own more than a few times. I feel that it still worked well and was a delightful experience used alone, but I am addicted to trying all sorts of skincare and combinations,  and my skin can get very dehydrated and I am experimenting with Hyaluronic Acid products to combat that.  I think for some people the Vanderohe Serum on its own will be enough, and for others, it will need a boost.

Vanderohe no 1 Nourishing facial serum is available from the website and select stockists.


Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary bottle to try out the product.