Modern Model: Youthful Ageing + Sustainable Beauty

Beauty Shoot for Future Frock Magazine

I spent a long time trying to write a really smart introduction to explain this shoot and why I wanted to create the piece: Modern Model for Future Frock Magazine. I wanted to write about how important I think it is to represent different ages in the media, how I love 30 Plus Models, etc. and some meaningful commentary.

But the simple truth is that from the moment I met Louise I wanted to shoot her beautiful face and be around her amazing personality. Louise obviously has amazing eyes and some of the best cheekbones in the biz, but there is something else hiding behind that cheeky smile and those honestly perfect lips. From the moment I met Louise, I absolutely loved her, and I wanted to create a beauty photo shoot around her, and that is how it all began. Simple.

Necessity is the Mother of Reinvention

Our population is ageing and we are living longer. In a youth-obsessed world that lives easily to 90, will 30 and 40 need become the new 20?

Beauty is not just about the products you put on your face or symmetry or bone structure. Proverbially, beauty comes from within, and Louise, veteran model, mother and author of successful Blog Mamma's Still Got It has us transfixed with her inner and outer beauty.

Having started her modelling career at age 14 with Storm Models, Louise, now in her late 30's, grew up in a business that saw retirement at the ripe old age of 30.  The insecurities of youth that went as far as making her ill, have been replaced by a quiet confidence and clear priorities.  Louise has been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and has returned centred,  strong and better than ever.  Louise is the embodiment of longevity in modelling and lasting sustainable beauty.

Openly Happier at a size 16 than she was at her smallest, Louise is as busy as ever between modelling for big brands and running her blog while parenting her two young children.

What I love about Louise is her acceptance of herself where she is now. She is comfortable refusing to do anything that does not feel good to her, while still striving for excellence, not perfection. This should be an inspiration to all women, whether they are parents or not, and an example of how reinventing yourself does not need to be miles away from where you started.

Play the game instead of the game playing you.

Louise Boyce @mamastillgotit_

Youthful Ageing

Louise and I share a healthy respect for the ageing process. I have come to love lines and wrinkles and am looking to work more with older models, so that we may celebrate beauty at every age. I am lucky ( genetically + in other ways) with very few wrinkles at 41, but I embrace the concept of youthful ageing. I will apply potions and lotions and try to remain as healthy as possible (without being really boring) to minimise the effects of time.

But to be honest, all the things that were great about a youthful face and body of my 20s, come with a host of insecurities, questions and mistakes.

I happily leave my 20's where they are, in the past.

Makeup and Hair Look

I worked on Louise in a more painterly fashion, knowing we were going to be showing the images in black and white. We used only daylight and did little to no retouching or filters so that real Louise would be shining through.

For this look, I used Pai Cleanser to clean and prep Louise's skin, before applying some Vanderohe Face Serum, as well as a drop of Pai Age Confidence Face Oil. I wanted the finish of the skin to be really dewy, hence the double use of Face Oil.

Next I just barely dabbed a bit of my favourite Vapour Beauty Atmosphere Foundation in 110 under her eyes to lift any darkness, and at the tops of the cheeks to add a soft sheen. I used it as a light veil rather than foundation. I dabbed some cream blush just to warm the apples of her cheeks. First I used a bit of Ilia Tenderly, a candy pink for a bright flush, then I pushed some Ilia Sway under the cheekbones for a little lift.

On her eyes, I smudged the Ilia Eyeshadow Stick in In Between Days ( I know, this is sounding a bit like an Ilia advert but it's not, I just like the soft creaminess of Ilia products for this look)  and used the Inika Chocolate Coffee palette to blend. A swipe of Green People black mascara and voila! Eyes done! I kept the whole look really soft with no hard edges, for a simple enhanced natural look.

On her lips, I applied a bit of Dr Lipp Balm and dabbed a tiny bit of tinted balm like the W3ll People tinted balm centre for a hint of flush.

Louise's hair has a naturally soft wave, so I just tamed the frizz a bit by wrapping random sections around a curling wand and rubbed the tiniest amount of Less Is More Hair Soufflé onto my palms and smoothed it over the top of her hair.

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Ethical Fashion

Founder and Fashion Director of Future Frock Magazine - an Online publication dedicated to Sustainable lifestyle - Alice Wilby came on board to style the shoot with ethical brands and is also a Conscious Creative at our agency Novel Beings

Alice worked with several Ethica Fashion Brands including People Tree and Tales of Thread and especially with Cadence London, a beautiful fine jewellery line created by Cadence Pearson. 

Cadence London is a range of necklaces, bracelets and earrings based on the sources of our core strength: The vertebrae and the heart. Cadence asks us to look to our inner strength for wisdom and peace.

As a special offer to my readers, Cadence is offering 10% off using code FUTURE FROCK

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Photography by Simon Wisbey

Style By Alice Wilby - Novel Beings

Model: Louise Boyce at Milk Management