Feline Flicks: 5 Eco Eyeliners + Pro Tips

Photo by Claire Harrison | Model Chloe LLoyd  all rights reserved

Photo by Claire Harrison | Model Chloe LLoyd all rights reserved

Who does not love a perfect Feline Flick? Greening Up your Gaze has never been easier with many brands producing high-quality eye liner with clean ingredients, perfect for Vegans, those with sensitive eyes, and those looking for Green Beauty Eye Makeup.

Black Liner Basics

Liquid Eyeliner

If you love a defined Cat's Eye or Retro eyeliner, opt for a liquid liner applied with a thin dedicated liner brush. I love Louise Young LY24 or Zoeva Fine Liner which comes with an angled or classic (straight)t head
When I started as a Makeup Artist, I found it easier to use an angled brush. I have not done that in years due to the lack of precision, but I have just been experimenting with the MOTD Straight to the Point brush, and I am loving it. The bristles are very fine and soft but firm.

Eye Pencil

For a less sharp look, try a pencil, which is also more forgiving and mistake proof.  Softer pencils tend to be more comfortable to use, but are also more likely to smudge.  To set pencil eyeliner, I often press a black eyeshadow (or matching shadow) over top or blend the whole thing out for a softer smudged look.  If your eye pencil is really too soft, try keeping it in the fridge, but know it will soften on your face.  This is perfect for a smokey, sexy Bardot-style look

I Created Chloe's Look for the shot above using a gel liner and a thin brush. The Key to this Strong liner look is getting the angle correct so that it lifts and extends the eyes in a flattering way match the up angle of the tail with the angle of the inner corner of the eye.

Tahira's Top Tips

Tahira's Tips for Pros:

Photo of Zara Martin for Mercer7 by Simon Wisbey.

Photo of Zara Martin for Mercer7 by Simon Wisbey.

Here is some advice for Professional Makeup Artist creating flicks and eyeliner looks.  Firstly, If you are just getting started, practice eyliner on as many people as possible. I like placing a bit of product on the back of my hand and rolling the tip of the brush so it is fully saturlated. Start with a really thin line right on the lashes and build from there. 

Never stretch the skin too much or it will break the line when the skin bounces back. I always use a dedicated eyeliner brush, rather than the applicator. Not only is it more hygienic, it gives me better control.  I like to lay my brush flat along the lash line and I drag out. If the flick will be crossing the crease I tend to work with the eye looking downward rather than totally closed.

Tahira's Tips at Home

For you ladies (and perhaps gents) at home applying eyeliner on yourself, I always recommend sitting down placing your elbows on a counter or table top. This provides stability making application easier. Use a small stand mirror and lean your head back to look into the glass without closing your eyes completely. That way you can look in the mirror but the lid is stretched and you can see what you are doing.

Again, begin by creating a really thin line on your lashes and then build the flick from there.

There are all sorts of new gadgets and stamps to create perfect flicks, but I prefer kickin' it old school!

Clean Beauty Eyeliners

1. Elate Beauty

Elate Beauty makes a Liquid Eyeliner in 4 colours, Black, Blue, Green, and Gold.  Origin is a soft black, despite its description as a Matte finish on the website, I don't find it harsh which may be due to the tiny amount of MIca in the formula. Give it a good shake before you go!

2. Colorisi

Colorisi Makeup is a Clean brand from France and their dense pigments create a lovely black without that chalky finish.

3. Dr Hauschka

Dr Hauschka is a classic Organic makeup line and they have just had a gorgeous rebrand! The applicator is super fine which is great for smaller eyes.

4. Couleur Caramel

French Brand Couleur Caramel offers a more affordable Clean Eyeliner solution that is a great vegan option.

5. Vapour Mesmerize

Organic Brand Vapour Beauty is one of my favourite brands and this beautiful double-ended pencil that provides a no-nasties deep black finish.  Try colour option Brown for a softer look.



Cover image by Jay Prakhania Model Olwen Catherine Kelly all rights reserved
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