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I Know! The holidays are almost over! So why am I putting this post up now? Well I was lucky enough to get away only last week and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you so you can try something new, whether you are traveling or not! If you are planning a trip soon, head to the bottom to get my top tips for packing a compact Beauty bag, and for you Lippy Lovers like me, see how I paired my colours with my cocktails!

1. Green People Organic Sunscreen + After-Sun Gel

Organic Sunscreen

A holiday in the sun starts and ends with a good sunscreen.

I was really impressed with the wearability and performance of both these sun care products by Green People. The 30 Factor sunscreen did not clog pores and did not leave any white film. The ingredients are 78% Organic and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

The after-sun lotion is literally one of the best I have ever used. The light gel-like formula absorbs quicks and soothes without grease while the refreshing mint scent cools the skin. it can be used on the face and body and as a light moisturiser for those with sensitive skin

In addition, Green People contribute to Marine Conservation with the purchase of these products.

2. Evolve Beauty Organic Face Wash + Naissance Organic Rosehip Oil

Evolve Cleanser and Rosehip

The Evolve Beauty Fresh Face Wash is perfect for a gentle cleanse after a day of Sun and Sea.  I love the feeling of cool water on my skin after a day with sunscreen and salt water and this face wash gently removes dirt without stripping the face of natural oils. According to the Evolve Website:  Natural sugars cleanse away impurities, organic papaya enzymes exfoliate, and organic aloe vera softens

Although the cleanser is meant for Normal to Oily skin, I love it even though my skin is slightly more on the dry side.

I only took some moisturiser samples with me on holiday, and relied on this Naissance Organic Virgin Rosehip Oil to deeply nourish my face.  I received this sample size at an event celebrating Soil Association Certified Beauty.  Rosehip Oil is known for its rich fatty acids (Omegas) and Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E.

This rich golden oil really nourished my skin and it felt the most beneficial at the end of the day, almost like a little mask treatment.  I have used Rosehip oil in the past and as you know, I am a big fan of face oil. After washing I simply patted my face dry, I applied several drops to the palms of my hads, rubbed together and smoothed over my damp face. 

3. Nude & Noir Multi-Use Palette

Multi Use Palette

I love how easy this palette is and how the selection of colours from the Reserve Palette lend themselves beautifully to an effortless holiday look. I use the palette by warming a colour with the tip of my finger and just swiping or dabbing it onto my face. The combination of natural waxes keeps the formula slightly solid, so not too much comes off on your finger, allowing for a slow build of colour. You could use brushes or an applicator, but I brought very few items with me and my finger worked just fine.

I used the 2 metallics alone or together on my eyelids, all over until the brow bone, and alternated between the 2 cheek colours, generally applying the deeper one under my cheek bone and blending the pink onto the apple of the cheek. Once or twice (I only did my makeup 4 times) I used the light gold as a cheek highlight.

Nude & Noir are a small beauty company based in Los Angeles committed to ethical and clean products, from their makeup to the packaging it comes in.  It is available from Glow Organic and the palettes come in several different colour combinations, suitable for different looks and skin tones. The Reserve palette is good for my skin tone, though I think I would want a palette with some warmer tones next time, like the Provocative or Point Break

4. Lipsticks and Libation

Holiday Organic Lipsticks

No, Nobody NEEDS 4 Lipsticks to go to the seaside for a week, but I wanted them all.  As you know, I love my Lippy and a big fan of a bright colour with tanned skin.  Evenings were all about the Aperitivo, and I had the selection of Colours to go with my Cocktails

Clock wise from the top left:

  1. Green People Damask Rose Velvet Matte: A perfect nude matte for a sophisticated look. I paired it with Burts Bees Lip Gloss Ocean Sunrise on one occasion - Prosecco
  2. Living Nature Morning Sun: Fantastic burned orange tone to match my Aperol Spritz
  3. Absolute Cosmetics Theatre: The Classic Red Lip with bare bronze skin and Sea Salt Hair and a Mojito
  4. Absolute Cosmetics Papaya: a Sheer Orange that added a pop of colour to my Bellini!

Tahira's Tips for Travelling Light

  • Find Multitaksers: Shampoo and shower gel in one, Mixed Makeup Palettes and Multi Sticks are the perfect way to lighten the load - Try Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap
  • Save your samples: Stock up on samples during the year to take away with you - it is a perfect opportunity to try new things without spending any money.
  • Decant: Buy or reuse small Non-BPA plastic or glass bottles to fill for your trip with your favorite products from home. Label the bottles carefully though!
  • Travel Size: Many Brands offer travel size packs For Hair, Face, and Body, Try the Love Lula Travel Section which again is an opportunity to try new things.
  • Just bring the essentials, holidays are about a break from real life and exploring new things, don't spend it taking time to fix your hair.

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