This is the Best Day Ever

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Hello and Happy New Year!

Thank you for indulging my long break and Digital Detox over the Holiday Period - I felt I needed a bit of space from the digital world to reconnect with real life. 

I love a little Motivational Post to start the year.  in 2017, I wrote about giving your self time and space, as well as some inspired media suggestions so have a look here to find out more.

 I do plan to resume normal Beauty Posts Next week so thank you for bearing with me!

New Year, New Goals. Or Maybe Not

Normally this time of year is spent creating lists of goals to achieve, dreams to aspire to, buying planners and filling them with boxes to tick. I know most of you have done this already, and for the first time in years, I will not be joining you.

Lessons from unexpected places

You can learn a lot from kids. 

My son has come and gone from a phase in the past months where he declares that " Today is The Best Day Ever"  regardless of what happened in the day, regardless of where we went or what we did. I of course laughed at the cuteness of it all and dismissed this innocent daily comment.

But in the time between Christmas and New Year's Eve, I received my daily Note from the Universe talking about plans and goals to set for the New Year. (If you don't know about the Notes you need to check it out NOW and sign up. I have been getting them daily for 10 years!)

The gist of this particular note was that instead of setting out goals and plans and writing a list of things to achieve, decide that 2018 will be the happiest year ever, and then follow opportunities and instincts that arise, and enjoy the ride.

I have only set one goal this year

This got me thinking. Perhaps my Small is right, if I can think of every day as being the Best Day Ever, than 2018 will be a collection of Best Days and Happy Days. 

I am not delusional, I know the world is not always sunshine and roses. I know that there are some extremely difficult life circumstances such as loss, grief and disappointment that cannot be shrugged off with a snappy quote. I get that.

But when I think about the bigger picture of life, the road I want to travel, the dreams I want to enjoy the experiences I want to have, they all boil down to one central emotion: Being more happy more of the time.

I think cultivating daily happiness in the simplicity of enjoying things as they are, may contribute to greater happiness and better life experiences overall. I would like to look at life from a birds eye perspective, observing the moving parts without judgement, feeling gratitude and joy at the simple act of living, and taking pleasure in the mundane. I would like to concentrate on doing more of the things I love, or at least devoting little bits of time here and there to doing more of what I love, and not always feel obliged to do things I don't necessarily want to do or that do not bring joy in some form or another.

My only goal this year is to make 2018 the Happiest Year Ever.

So stay tuned, and lets resume this chat in December, and I will tell you how it goes.

Well, I'm going to give it a go! How about you?

Wishing you the best 2018 ever!

Stay Beautiful, Inside and Out, Tahira

(thanks for the photo Ma)