Innovative Brand HaeCkels Unlocks Secrets of the Sea


I was so impressed when I first encountered this brand in November.  Hailing from sunny ( perhaps an exaggeration) Margate, this brand was born in 2013 with a mission to harness the power of the abundant seaweed on the Kent coast while creating an effective lifestyle brand with deeply entrenched environmental principles.

Hand harvested Seaweed forms the base ingredient of all our skin care range based on the tradition of Thalassotherapy derived from the Greek word meaning ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’. Thalassotherapy treatments use ocean water, seaweed, ocean mud and marine minerals to treat ailments and enable the body to replenish, remineralise and revitalise to enhance good health for body and mind. (Haekels Website)

The Story Behind the Story

Before I move to talking about the products, I need to tell you about all the "Extras" the Haekels brand offers that I am so deeply impressed with.

Brand Story

Haekels was born from a love of the sea and a desire to protect and preserve marine life and the ecosystem of the Chalk Reef located around Margate and Kent.  All Items are hand made at the local Cliff Terrace Lab which is only a short walk from where the Seaweed is harvested. Founder Dom Bridges, a filmmaker turned Coastal Warden began mixing products in his kitchen using local botanicals, but quickly got a local Lab (on the suggestion of his wife: Wise Woman).

The Haeckels philosophy is simple: by using plants and herbs which are indigenous to England we make products which help to heal, care and scent the body.
— Haekels Website

 Local ingredients mixed to make lovely potions and lotions - Simple.  As many ingredients as possible come from the local area and have the fundamental mission of performing well while nourishing the skin or environment with aromatherapy and anti-oxiandant properties.

The Haekels branding is sublime. Although rustic in its use of natural materials and muted colours, it could not be more modern with clean lines and slick design. Although I love my skin and bath care, I confess that in this instance I was most taken by the home fragrance and perfume. 

Scents + Sustainability

The gorgeous range has an overarching theme natural "environmental" scents. Think of of crisp, clean salted air, or deep earthy, and natural marine aromas. Some of their products are distinctly created for ambient scent (Perfumes and Interior Fragrance), while others have aromatherapeutic qualities that are a side effect of the ingredients chosen such as the face mask, face scrub or the beard oil.  The perfumes indicate the weather when the herbs were harvested ( Sunny Day, Rainy) and give you a set of coordinates with the excat location of harvest or of the mood from which the perfume emanates.  I was told that the undercurrent of leather in one of the perfumes was distilled from the chair of  a discarded leather amusement park ride. The idea is to use as many sources from the local area as possible to create a truly unique scent experience.


Haekels products are packaged with as little plastic as possible. Amber Glass protects the majority of the products from UV light, allowing for stability of the contents. To enjoy the hand soap, you are just going to have to take an extra moment lift the glass bottle into your hand, remove the stopper and pour out some soap - no pumps here. The Glass bottles are sealed with a shrink wrapped biodegradable vegetable film which feels like a plastic but is not. Pretty impressive no?

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The home scent diffusers are a unique combination of design and practicality. The fragrance is applied to a blok of chalk from which it can evaporate and scent the room. They also have Gorgeous scented Incense and Candles.








I was given the opportunity to try a selection of products and was sent some PR Samples.

I will begin by saying that I truly love this brand, though some of the products are not for me.  I think in general, the products are better suited to Men because of the simple practicality of the skincare system and the very Marine and Mineral aromas.

My Favourite: The Serum

My Favourite item is the Face Serum which is a quick absorbing Oil Serum with Magical blend of oils that do not leave the skin oily, but almost has a dry oil effect, even though it has an Almond Oil Base.


I really love the Facial Cleanser. It does what it says on thebottle. It gently removes dirt and makeup with Sea Buckthorn and maintains skin balance with a mixture of oils that do not strip the skin. For those who like a foam or soap cleanser, this is for you. I generally prefer a cream or a balm, but love this after a day out having used lots of sunscreen or makeup.

Exfoliant + Mask

I tried the Seaweed and Walnut Bark Exfoliant which is a delightful scrub. I prefer a gentler facial exfoliant, but my husband likes the feeling of cleansing granules, so I think it is a preference thing. That said, my skin felt fresh and extremely soft after use.

I then followed the scrub with the Seaweed Facial Masque which just FEELS clean. It does tingle/sting/pull as it dries, but it has that wonderful quality of a clay mask that makes you feel like the impurities are being pulled out. The seaweed serves to cleans and balnace while the Zeolite powder is the mineral that acts like clay, extracting all the grossness.

Beard Oil

No, I did not try the Beard Oil. But I hear from a Bearded source I trust, Photographer extraordinaire Simon Wiseby that it is amazing! 


I love this brand but as a makeup artist, I am more inclined to use the home and body products, and save the Facial products for the boys. Their Ethics and Values inspired me to write this piece so I hope you go check them out!

Guess What? There are no affiliate links here! I got the samples and chased the brand because I love it so much and wanted to share it with you! Voila!