Get The Look: Elegant Jodie Whittaker at the NTA Awards

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As Always I began Jodie's Makeup with some nourishing skincare. 

  1. Jodie arrived with a clean face, so I just gave her skin a quick rinse with Sukin Micellar water.

  2. To revive a plump her skin, I applied the Madara SOS Mask and let it absorb for about 5 minutes

  3. I rinsed with micellar water and applied some Twelve Beauty Brightening Serum to really boost the skin.

  4. Finally I smoothed on my still favourite Vanderohe No 1 Serum as a perfect makeup base.


With skin prepped and ready to go, it was time to start makeup: here are the products I used to create a flawless but natural glowing complexion

  1. W3ll People Tinted Moisturiser Fair: This is how I got that Radiant Glow from within look for the skin perfect for the Red Carpet.

  2. Ilia Vivid Foundation in 1.5 + 2.5: The soft matte finish of their foundation is a perfect balance to ensure the skin looks glowing not shiny.

  3. Vapour Atmosphere 110: I used this more as a brighener under the eyes and around the nose / top of the cheek bone, to lift and add light without ending up with reverse panda eyes.

  4. Ilia Finishing powder: The ilia foundation sets really nicely and does not need powdering, so I just dusted a little under the eyes and on the nose to ensure there would be no unwanted sheen.


  1. RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer: This is such a beautiful product! It is super subtle and can easily be layered for more impact. I just dabbed a bit a the top of Jodie's cheekbones to catch the light.

  2. Lily Lolo Sculpt + Highlight Duo: I love the gentle subtle Golden Highlight to finish makeup. I added some on the tops of her cheeks, and used the darker shade as a Bronzer/Contour by subtly shading under her gorgeous cheekbones. (the colour in the image below does not match real life!)

  3. For Colour, I dusted Honeypie Minerals Candy Blush right on top of the apples of her cheeks which is a perfect neutral pink tone perfect for fairer skin.

Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images


I wanted to create definition around the lash line with navy and midnight blue, but kept the look soft by using warmer tones on the rest of the eye.  We never use anything on Jodie's Brows so I just put a little gel to keep them in place. I did highlight a bit underneath with the Lily Lolo Brow Duo Highlight side 

  1. I began by swiping Couleur Caramel Coppered Beige all over they eyelid and into the crease. This is a perfect rose gold tone with just enough shimmer to catch the light.

  2. I applied a dark charcoal pencil along the top lash line and smudged gently with a soft brush I used a discontinued Dr Hauschka, but you can try the Ere Perez Stone Pencil

  3. I then applied a deep indigo shadow on the lash line over the pencil and blended to create a soft line on the top of the lashes. I used a discontinued Neal's Yard Remedies but you can try Lily Lolo Double Denim Pressed Shadow

  4. To deepen the crease I blended some grey from the Lily Lolo Smoke and Mirrors Palette.

  5. We finished the look With RMS Bauty Mascara in black.


I prepared Jodies lips with the basic Burts bees lip balm. Its the minty one in the tin that has a lovely matte finish. I then applied the Jane Iredale Lip Pencil in spice and Filled with the Lily Lolo Nude Allure Lipstick.

I know I used a lot of LILY LOLO for this look. They are a practical affordable brand and I have lots of stuff I bought from them and many press samples as well. This does not affect my opinion of the product.

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