A Pastel Palette to Warm your Winter Look

Photography - Beth Steddon | Model - Ella Parsons

Photography - Beth Steddon | Model - Ella Parsons

This is the 3d look I created for Glow Organic and I originally wrote this post for its Blog Page  

This makeup is simple but beautifully polished. I used warm pastel neutrals to create a makeup look that flatters winter skin without bringing it down. Simple and effortless, wear this look with cozy knitwear for a winter walk, or curl up with some good company and hot chocolate ( or maybe a red wine!) - It’s is perfect for an understated Valentines Weekend!

The Look


Winter skin tends to be more dehydrated, so use a richer moisturiser like the Evolve Beauty Daily Renew Moisturiser. It is also really important to treat yourself to a mask twice a week to ensure your skin stays fresh and glowing. Try the Corinne Taylor 'Glow' Face Mask.

Boost the effectiveness of your moisturiser and add in some intense moisture to counteract winter dryness with a hydrating serum. The Evolve Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum is perfect for Winter dryness.

Soft matte is the perfect skin texture for this time of year - you need it not so matte it looks dry. Your skin may be drier due to the weather conditions, so you might want to add a primer before applying foundation. I often apply a radiance primer, even if I am going for a matte finish on the skin because it gives that really “Lit from within” look. Try the Couleur Caramel Makeup Base to add moisture, hydration and a radiance glow. 

Step 1: Flawless, Matte Skin.

After prepping Ella’s Skin, I applied the NUI Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in Intense Kanapa to match her paler tone at this time of year.  I applied the foundation with a brush, the Ere Perez Vegan Multipurpose Brush is perfect and buffed it using small circular motions into the skin. I always finish my brush strokes in a down and outwards motion. I then went over areas that need more coverage with the Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer in Light. I used the conveniently double sided Ere Perez Vegan Lip and Conceal Brush to perfect under the eyes, around the nose and mouth. This creamy concealer can also be used to cover blemishes or other imperfections, but beware! A TEENY WEENY bit goes a long way, so use sparingly. I blended the concealer out with my finger and the foundation brush.

Finish the look by powdering with a loose translucent powder. Use a powder that is lightweight, with no added colour, as you just want to set the foundation and mattify any areas that are prone to becoming shiny. The NUI Cosmetics Natural Setting Powder is perfect for this.

Makeup Artist Tip: To avoid over powdering, dust your finishing powder with a brush all over and then press powder in with a puff or sponge on the T-zone.

Pastel peach, pink and apricot are perfect for this look
Notice the gentle sheen on the skin

Step 2: Pretty, Highlighted Cheeks.

To ensure the lasting power of these paler tones, layering is key. I began by dabbing NUI Cosmetics Cream Tint in 'Mawhero' and 'Tiakarete' with my fingers on the apples of Ella’s cheeks. I started with the deeper pink all over and used Mawhero as a highlight at the top of the cheekbones.

I then dusted loose powder gently on the cheeks to set the product and applied another layer of the cream tint with my fingers to add intensity and longevity to the look.

Step 3: Blended, Rose Coloured Eyes.

I then blended the pink shade (3rd colour from the left) from the Ere Perez Chamomile Eyeshadow Palette in 'Lovely' from the lashline to above the socket line. I used the Ere Perez Vegan Line and Blend Brush to really blend the colour and achieve a soft edge. I then curled Ella’s lashes with the Ere Perez Spectacular Eyelash Curler and applied a generous coat of the Hynt Beauty Black Mascara to finish the eyes.

Step 4: Warm, Nude Lip.

A warm nude lip is so much more flattering and wearable than a grey nude that can look a bit “dead” at this time of year. The Axiology Lip crayon in Bliss is the perfect soft peach that can be layered up to a stronger colour and is soft and comfortable to wear. I applied it directly from the tube and softened the edge with my finger for a natural look.

Makeup Artist Tip: If your lips are dry apply a generous layer of lip balm first and leave it to absorb like a lip mask, then wipe off before applying your lip colour


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