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Absolution Cosmetics Makeup

One of my favourite brands, Absolution Cosmetics has just launched some new makeup products created by Christophe Danchaud, French Makeup Artist (and choreographer) known for his beautiful work with clients like Marion Cotillard, Monica Bellucci, Audrey Tautou, and more.  Absolution Cosmetics are a gorgeous Paris-based brand, with AMAZING Ethical and Ecological credentials, from formulation to packaging - They are very transparent on their website offering clear information on ingredients and Natural/Organic content.  For more have a look HERE

The first collaboration between Absolution and M. Danchaud is the Sweet + Safe Kiss Collection, a series of lipsticks made with organic waxes and oils in stunning colours that are some of my fave lippies and were some of the first Organic/Green Beauty products I bought.  

The only other products in their colour range until now is La Creme du Teint,  a tinted facial hydrator to perfect your complexion.  Think of a product that is somewhere between a correction cream (BB/CC etc) and a tinted moisturiser.  The finish is moist glowing skin, with a bit of coverage to smooth imperfections and give a healthy skin tone. So far, there are only 2 colours available, a light and a medium, but I am hoping tosee mor in the future. (Note: the colours are very peachy as with many of the french brands. I like it, and the product is sheer enough to suit most undertones.


The Latest Launch


The new product collection includes several new concealer/correctors, as well as a black mascara and a black liquid eyeliner.


01: A very light shade with the slightest hint of peach - Perfect for paler skin tones - Makeup Artists:  Think MAC NW10 

02: A medium warm shade, also with a peach undertone but slightly Beige at the same time. Think a classic Lancome or Dior Concealer colour from the 2000s

03: A deeper shade with golden undertones. For you MUAs, it is like a classic Dermacolour D5

10: A Universal "Beautifying" corrector in an apricot shade.  This can be used under the concealer to brighten any darkeness under the eyes or arund the mouth. For my dark circles it is a definite must to brighten under my eyes.

For myself, I use the number 10 as a brightener under my eyes and to the tops of the cheekbones, and then #3 to conceal my dark circles.  I am wearing that combination in the picture above, along with my Inika Foundation in Tan powdered with Ilia Fade Into You loose powder.

Lips are Lavera Pencil in Plum + Burts Bees Crimson Coast Lipstick




Mascara + Eyeliner

I have a lot of trouble with mascara. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have heard me mention my issues with smudging and flaking over the years ( from both standard and green brands) .

Well I am very pleased to report that I had considerable success with this mascara! Firstly, It is very black which I love and appreciate. Second, the formyla is creamy and moist and gos on smoothly. Finally, I love the brush, it is fat with lots of bristles and a slight curve in the middle

The Black Sweet & Safe mascara separates, lengthens and thickens lashes thanks to its hourglass-shaped brush and flower-shaped fibers, which are designed to fully coat every lash without ever clumping. And because the brush is so slim, it can reach even the shortest lashes, for a lengthening and thickening effect - Absolution Cosmetics website

I totally agree with this statement and I love the mascara. I would say that there is a bit of smudging at the end of the day, but it is really good for a product that is 98% Natural and 22% Organic. I also Love the eyeliner, again, a blacker than black formula that glides on smoothly with the buit in applicator and dries to a matte finish. 

A wedding was the perfect event to give these 2 products a test run. I applied my makeup at 11 am and removed it at about 12:30 am that night. I had been to the church in blustering weather (no tears though), survived a warm (hot) room for cocktails, sat though a delicious dinner and then danced the night away! I have to say, even after a long day and a night of dancing, my eye makeup was pretty intact with very little transfer! I was very impressed and pleased.

Absolument mon Amour


So my love affair with Absolution Cosmetics continues.  

The new correctors are perfect for brightening and concealing - think of a better version of 'Touche Eclat' without the the overpriced packaging or Flash Back ( White circles/marks when a photo is taken with flash) 

When I am particularly tired, I still need a boost from my Hynt Duet concealer   but I also have really bad darkness around my eyes (hereditary).

I really would love to see Absolution extrend the range to a greater variety of skin tones.

My only concern is that this is yet an other set of eye products to buy, without a proper way to recycle or discgard the tubes. 

My wish fo Absolution Cosmetics would be to expand to a greater variety of skin tones as well as create some sort of recucling program for their makeup tubes tubes, as I am sure the products will be a success.

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