Why Cleaner Beauty is the Way of the Future



Clean Beauty, Green Beauty, Organic Beauty, Ethical Beauty, Conscious Beauty ... Blah Blah Blah! 

What does it all mean?? There are so many words being banded about at the moment, so many hashtags and so much band-wagon jumping.

I am going to keep this simple kids, because I am not here to preach to you.

Cleaner Beauty + Conscious Choices

I think that the last century depleted the planet and we need to fix it.

I am not a scientist, I am a Makeup Artist and an environmentalist. I also think of myself as a conscious consumer in that I consider all the purchases in my life. I try to buy from brands, companies and shops that I feel do not strip the planet, harm plants or animals or mistreat people.

I think little choices make a big difference, and changing 1 product at a time to your beauty regimen ( and your life), even if it is a shower gel or a lipstick, can make a real impact. Over time, as you change each one of your beauty products, you will be contributing to a healthier planet and a more sustainable and healthy economy - better for EVERYONE.

This is what Choosing Cleaner Beauty means to me:

  • Choosing products that are made Ethically or Consciously - with consideration to the planet and the people who have worked to create the product.

  • Choosing products with minimal environmental impact, made with ingredients/elements that are sustainably + responsibly sourced, and by people who are fairly and properly treated.

  • Choosing products that when finished, the packaging can be disposed of in a way that is not harmful to the environment or can be reused/recycled/returned

  • Choosing products with ingredients that are Healthy and Wholesome, that do not strip the soil, plants or animals of their habitat and well being

  • Choosing products made by companies who are fully transparent in their practices and give back to the community, and always strive to improve their formulations and footprint.

  • Choosing products that correspond to the above the REALLY REALLY WORK! ( I hate when it does not do what it says on the package)

  • Choosing products that do not have known toxic or harmful ingredients like the ones I have listed in this article WHY CHOOSE ORGANIC BEAUTY?

No I am not perfect, but at least I try

I am not perfect, as hard as I try, I do buy plastic. I sometimes use products that are not the best for the planet, nor are they 100% pure or organic. I must be trying something right, because Weleda have kindly made me a Cleaner Beauty Ambassador. I have long been a fan of the brand so it is indeed a great honour. You can read my Weleda Brand Focus here.

I live in a real world, where I have to make real choices, but I make them with my eyes open, and I invite you to do the same.  As a consumer, you have THE FINAL POWER TO CHOOSE what you buy, who you buy it from, and what you expect and demand from the Vendor.

Sometimes the products I endorse are fully organic, sometimes they are fully natural, sometimes they are certified and sometimes not. I research my brands and products and only work with ones I believe in. I you are new to Beauty by Tahira, Here is a bit of a quick search:

My Journey to Cleaner Beauty

The short version of my journey is this: I have been an environmentalist since I was 12 using Clean and environmental household products and skincare for YEARS! 

I moved into green beauty for my kit in the year after having my son, when the glaring gap between my "Cleaner Lifestyle" at home and the mass consumption of questionable beauty products in my work became apparent. (that was around 2014)

I have had many thoughts on " clean beauty " over the years and have dug up a few archive articles on this blog about it: There is my Greening up your Beauty post, and My Green Philosophy  My Ethos here on Beauty by Tahira. (Warning: Those articles seem ancient now and I should give them a clean up. Please forgive the writing and lack of images.)

Now, I work out of a clean makeup and Hair kit, and I am constantly looking for new or better ways to approach the products I use at work.



So here it is - Weleda have not sponsored this post but are encouraging #cleanerbeauty this month.  They have amazing buisness practices, grow their own herbs, plants and flowers in their Gardens (farms) and have a very long history of Natural care.

They have given me a beautiful set to offer to my readers as a little gift to get on your way to YOUR cleaner beauty journey.

Their slogan is IN HARMONY WITH NATURE AND THE HUMAN BEING so they are a perfect way to start if you are looking to clean up your Beauty regime.

If you want to win this little beauty, you will have to go check out my Instagram page, and enter the giveaway there!

If you do NOT have an instagram account, and you live in the UK, and you would like to enter the competition - please EMAIL ME and write GIVEAWAY in the subject line.

I hope you find ispiration and guidance here! please get in touch if I can answer any questions! Enjoy your Journey!

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