Vegan Beauty from Beauty Expert


Beauty Expert is an online shop that curates a selection of Luxury Beauty products from around the world.

In February they launched a Vegan Makeup Bag - containing a selection of Vegan skincare and hair care from their collection. They kindly sent me a bag of the products to review and share. However, I felt that some of the products contained tin the bundle did not fully correspond to my Ethos or meet my expectations, so I have not included the full collection in this review.

However, there are 4 products that I really liked and wanted to share with you.

  1. Antipodes Divine Face Oil


This luxurious Face oil Divine Face Oil feels super rich and silky thanks to the rich avocado oil which moisturizes and protects. High in Oleic Acid, Avocado oil is ideal for dry skin, but also has collagen metabolizing properties - ie. boosts collagen production.

This face oil also contains Rosehip oil which is known for its ability to help reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles due to its naturally high levels of Vitamin A and C

Overall, the oil is packed full of nourishing ingredients, and feels really moisturising on my dry skin. I enjoy the scent because of the base orange notes, but there is a somewhat strong floral perfume thanks to the Jasmine extract, so if you prefer a more neutral scent or have jasmine oil sensitivity, this one is not for you.


2. Le Couvent de Minimes Gardinarius Hand Cream


This Vegan Hand Cream is very reach, with 20% Shea Butter as a base, and strong notes of Verveine (verbena) and Lemon, it is a very typically Provencal Hand cream, and is similar to the L’occitane one.

This Vegan formulation is made in an ancient area known for its history in botany and perfumery. The brand also has some interesting exclusive Vegan Perfumes that seem really lovely!

Gardinarius is a thick but fast absorbing hand cream, that also contains Mallow and Calendula extracts, known for their soothing properties. In addition, several scented oils and extracts like Lemon Balm and Rosemary as a pleasant scent.



3. Inika Mascara

I have a lot of love for this Australian Certified Organic + Vegan Brand - They really fit straight into everything I love, making great, high performing products using quality considered ingredient.

I have heard a lot about the Inika Mascara but until now, had not had a chance to try it myself.

It has a very rich black formula and I really like the brush which tapers slightly at the end, making it easier to get into the corners of the eyes and those little short lashes on the ends.

The formula is smooth and creamy, and does last fairly well, though I experienced a little bit of transfer at the end of the day. (this is VERY normal for me and even happens with expensive designer brands)

Beauty Expert does not seem to sell the mascara on its own, but i LOVE Inika makeup in general and BEauty Expert do have some Makeup kits that contain it.

4. PRAI Platinum Serum


Prai is a brand based out of the USA that formulates Vegan and Cruelty free products using the Root of the Prai plant - similar to Ginger.

Although not a dedicated clean beauty brand, they are Leaping Bunny Certified, donate proceeds to Animal Welfare Charities and also volunteer their time these charities. I also appreciate that they generally create products geared at mature women, but not in a salesy way - just trying to meet the needs of a customer.

The Prai Platinum Serum contains many extracts and oils like Chlorella and Kombuchka to fight free radicals, and support supple skin. Platinum is meant to promote collagen production to keep skin supple and elastic. I would use it with a face Oil or moisturizer over top.


in conclusion

I did not know about Beauty Expert until they approached me, and I was pleased to discover that they have quite a large Organic Skincare and Organic Makeup Section, Including one of my Fave 90’s Brown Lipsticks: Neek Mystefy - I will be keeping an eye on their collection in the future!

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