The Glow Summit

Get Glowing from the Inside + Out with the Glow Summit 2019

So here is something a little different I wanted to share with you today!

Have you ever heard of Ailish ? Yup, She’s the cute one up here. Ailish is the founder and amazing woman behind the skin health and wellness website The Glow Getter

Ailish is an amazing young woman on a MISSION to help women around the world get glowing skin from the inside and out. She uses her blog and You Tube Channel to share loads of tips, tricks, products and practices to help you get clearer more glowing skin. This is an especially helpful space if you or someone you know if going through any sort of skin troubles- but is also a great resource for Clean Beauty. So please do pass on her website.

A Brief Synopsis

Ailish went through a period of terrible acne, which she shares very candidly, and embarked on a journey to cleaner beauty and living, which helped heal loads of her skin issues. She then began her Blog/Brand/Website to help others in her position, inspiring them to use cleaner beauty to care of their skin, and make changes to their lifestyle to help them feel better on the inside and out.

From that kernel, Ailish has grown as a respected member of the Beauty and wellness community.

The Glow Summit

A few times a year, Aishling lovingly creates and curates a FREE online seminar called The Glow Summit. in which she shares interviews with inspirational women from all over the world working in Wellness, Beauty, Fitness, Life Coaching and more. There are in depth interviews and questions full of tricks and tips for the viewer.

Ailish is on a mission to help 100 000 women take control of their skin and health, so when she asked me to help her promote the summit I happily agreed. I have participated in the last 2, getting some amazing advice and inspiration from some people that I would otherwise have not had access to.

A Free Online Summit like no other

Get Glowing from the Inside + Out

Why am I telling you about this?

Why am I sharing this summit with you? Well, for several reasons:

  1. Ailish is lovely, dedicated, honest, thorough and inspiring. She works her fingers to the bone providing valuable and helpful content in her field and I super respect he for that. And she is very kind and sweet to boot!

  2. Besides some very kind family members, Ailish is pretty much a 1 woman show, and I know how hard that can be. She he asked a select group of us to spread the word, and I was honored to be asked.

  3. I have joined the Glow Summits in the past, and I find the videos super helpful and inspirational, regardless of skin condition. ( I am blessed with having acne-free skin) and think they are totally worth the short amount of time. If you follow me on Insta, you will find me occasionally sharing this kind of thing with my audience, but I dont do it so much on my blog space any more.

  4. Ailish researches, works and partners with reputable brands I love and respect, and offers lots of new information and insight for me when I am looking for information. She really does her homework, and frankly, I just want you to go see her work because its awesome!

  5. It FREEEEEEEEEEE we are blessed to live in an amazing digital age where so much information can be found free and easily. There is no excuse not to try to better yourself or your life, or to learn something new, or discover a way of thinking that you may not have thought of before. I am going to be SUPER straigh with you. I was a little blue from January until a few weeks ago. And actually what got me out of my fog was giving myself a little kick in the butt listening to some Tony Robbins and Jay Shetty - So I am looking forward to listening to these great ladies and finding more motivation.

The summit is totally totally online - and the speaker lineup is super awesome! They vary from Doctors and Authors to Life coaches and Nutritionists - see the full lineup here. It is easy to watch and listen on your own time during the few days of the summit and Ailish always packs the interviews with brilliant questions to help us all be a little better than we were before we started listening. I think there are also discussion groups on Social Media, I have never joined them, but definitely worth a look.

So that is why I wanted to share this event with you because I have already signed up for my spot!!!

FULL DISCLOSURE: This event is TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FREE - and I get no compensation for posting this article about the summit HOWEVER at the end of the summit you may be presented with options to purchase an online skin health course that Aishling offers. If you do so I may receive a very small commission as a thank you for Aishling for taking the time to help her promote this free event.