Are You Ready for a New Glorious Glow?

This blog post originally appeared in early August and has been updated and edited 25/08/19

My New Limited Edition Glow Oil has Landed!

It’s Finally Here!!!! If you have been following my Green Beauty News on Instagram - you will know that Alex from At Nini Organics + I have been plotting and prepping to release a special edition product just for you!

Nini Organics

Do you know about Alex and Nini Organics? If you have followed me for a bit, you may have heard me mention them before after I first met them at my event last year with Keeley from Trying to be a Mum

The quick back story: Nini Organics is an organic and natural skincare brand founded by Brother- Sister team Alex and Nicole ( so cute right?) driven by a passion to create high performance organic skincare using plant based oils and ingredients to support and balance the skin with their own blends of “Skin Food”.

Alex has a brilliant background in working in beauty, but the brand was really developed because of his journey through skin troubles and acne which you can read about HERE

Nini have a range of body care and skincare blended and made by hand in their North London Studio. If you want to have a taste of their range, the best way would be to try out their Nini Experience Box - A small sample of their whole range.

An Exciting Announcement

Images by  Khandiz Joni

Images by Khandiz Joni


I am delighted to announce

Alex and I are releasing a

Limited Edition

Tahira x Nini Organics Glow Oil

This limited edition oil will be the same blend of organic oils you love (for more info about the original Glow Oil, see below), with just a different colour, that will still suit a wide variety of skin tones and types, just with a different hue.

My signature makeup style is skin that has that ‘Lit From Within’ look, and this oil delivers! it is perfect for use on its own or under makeup, and has just enough radiance to bring illumination and light, with out a shiny appearance where the illumination “sits on top” of the skin.

Your skin will look bright and radiant and healthy - from the inside - out.

This new Limited Edition Tahira x Nini Glow Oil unique mica blend (ethically sourced of course!) has pink and lavender undertones but with a warm light gold finish. Imagine being lit by the golden rays of the setting sun all day long!

How to use

Give you bottle a good shake before use, as the heavier Mica Particles tend to settle in the bottom. I like to squeeze my dropper in the bottle a few times to really mix the mica with the base oils. Then rub a few drops of the oil into your palms and massage into the skin. Either wear on its own or apply your favourite makeup on top. The radiance will shine through, giving your skin a radiant, dewy finish, without the high shine. The pink tone will compliment even the fairest skin tones, while the light gold finish leaves the skin with a warm radiance. for extra glow, take an extra drop to the tips of your fingers and and pat at the top of your cheekbones.

Super Dewy me by Khandiz Joni

Super Dewy me by Khandiz Joni

The Limited Edition Glow Oil mixes pigments in pink, mauve, gold + Silver for the perfect balance.

The Limited Edition Glow Oil mixes pigments in pink, mauve, gold + Silver for the perfect balance.

Nini Organic Glow Oil Story


The original glow oil is one of my favourite products! This beautiful face oil has some gorgeous bronzy Mica pigment in it to give the skin a lovely warm radiance when you apply it. The Nini Organic Glow oil is made with balancing Organic Jojoba Oil which has been infused with am exclusive selection of herbs to give it additional vitamins and minerals that help support the healthy glow of the skin, and sweet almond oil and Vitamin E add more moisturising properties.

So I chatted to Alex about it and Voila! The Limited Edition Tahira X Nini Glow Oil was born!

The new limited edition glow oil has all the nourishing ingredients you know and love, just in a super special colour!

The original bronze glow oil

The original bronze glow oil

This oil honestly looks good on everyone, even boys! Remember to share your posts using this new Limited Edition Oil by using the tog below so that we can repost our fave looks!


Me applying the oil on Alex - Shot by Khandiz Joni

Me applying the oil on Alex - Shot by Khandiz Joni