Are You Ready for a New Glorious Glow?

Where have I been?

First things First… I know it has been a little while since you have heard from me, but my life and career has taken some unexpected ( but positive ) turns - and I simply have not had time to sit and write. I have returned to my roots in film work, and had the pleasure of filming with some amazing people through May and June, and I cant wait to share all that with you - not to mention the kitchen renovation that took over my life.

But in the meantime…

But while all this fun stuff was happening, I have been planning my first product release with one of the most enthusiastic and passionate Green Beauty advocates I know. Let me start at the beginning…

Nini Organics

Do you know about Alex and Nini Organics? I f you have followed me for a bit, you may have heard me mention them before after I first met them at my event last year with Keeley from Trying to be a Mum

Nini Organics is an organic and natural skincare brand founded by Brother- Sister team Alex and Nicole ( so cute right?) driven by a passion to create high performance organic skincare using plant based oils and ingredients to support and balance the skin with their own blends of “Skin Food”.

Alex has a brilliant background in working in beauty, but the brand was really developed because of his journey through skin troubles and acne which you can read about HERE

Nini have a range of body care and skincare blended and made by hand in their North London Studio.

Nini Organic Glow Oil

My favourite product by Nini is the Glow oil, because it is a beautiful product that I can easily use in my work and it is easy to see the beautiful results.

This beautiful face oil has some gorgeous bronzy Mica pigment in it to give the skin a lovely warm radiance when you apply it. The Nini Organic Glow oil is made with balancing Jojoba Oil which has been infused with a selection of herbs to give it additional vitamins and minerals that help support the healthy glow of the skin, and sweet almond oil and Vitamin E add more moisturising properties.

A few months ago, I was chatting to fabulous Alex from Nini Organics about his wonderful Glow oil.

I was using it at work a few times, and although I love the glow, it was too warm for some of my fairer skinned models or clients. and sometimes, I just wanted a more subtle finish, or simply a different colour…

So we got to chatting and I told him exactly what I was looking for…. and now we are so excited to announce the release of something super exciting!

An Exciting Announcement

on 19 - 8 -19 Nini Organics and I will release our Tahira x Nini Glow Oil!

This limited edition oil will be the same blend of oils you love, with just a different colour, that will still suit a wide variety of skin tones and types, just with a different hue. My signature style is skin that has that Lit From Within look, and this oil delivers! it is perfect for use on its own or under makeup, and has just enough radiance to bring illumination and light, with out a shiny appearance where the illumination “sits on top” of the skin.

Your skin will look bright and radiant and healthy.

So stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know when The Tahira x Nini Glow Oil is released!