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The Products I write about on this blog are a combination of products I have been sent, gifted and bought. I only give honest opinions, regardless of how the products were aquired.

There are many products that I try I am less than impressed with. If my opinion is strong enough I may let you know about it, but othe wise, I only write about what works for me and communicate privately with the brands when a product does not meet my standards.

Most of my pages contain Affiliate Links, which means IF you click through and buy something from my recommendation, I can receive a (very) small commission. This helps me earn my living, as well as compensates the many hours of research and writing I do to provide the best quality blog possible. This does not affect my Opinion, and I will state if the post contains links and as much as possible, be clear which products can provide a commission. when in doubt, assume my shop links will provide me with a small income.

Photo by Simon Wisbey for Lucy's Magazine, My makeup on @galickid